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KCSARC in the News 2011

KCSARC in the News 2011

"Time to speak out on state budget." Kent Reporter. December 14, 2011. (view article)

"Teacher under investigation." Q13 Fox News. December 14, 2011. (view video)

"Solving the state budget shortfall: Budget is a moral document." Seattle Times. December 9, 2011. (view article)

"How Society helps sex offenders behave." Federal Way Mirror. February 2, 2012. (view article)

"State's budget is a moral document that needs to meet our human needs." Renton Reporter. December 8, 2011. (view article)

"Don't cut KCSARC's services that help victims, kids." Renton Reporter. November 22, 2011. (view article)

"DOC Rule Change Leaves Thousands of Offenders Unsupervised." KOMO News. October 31, 2011. (view video)

"Budget Cuts will Hurt a Program that Heals." Q13 Fox News. October 27, 2011. (view video)

"Sex Abuse Talk." (talking with kids) Q13 Fox News. September 29, 2011. (view video)

"POP! Challenging Sexual Assault in our Community." Pride Blog. September 9, 2011. (view article)

"Begin the conversation with children about sexual assault, KCSARC urges." Renton Reporter. September 9, 2011. (view article)

"Prosecutors push to change law that allows child molester to watch porn in jail." KCPQ. July 14, 2011. (view video)

"Child sexual abuse: Painful story, but little healing." The Seattle Times. June 27, 2011. (view article)

"Thousands hit Seattle Streets for "Slut Walk" protest." Q13 Fox News. June 20, 2011. (view video)

"KCSARC Executive Director Wins National Congressional Award." Bellevue Business Journal. March 29, 2011. (view article)

"KCSARC director honored nationally as victim-rights advocate." Renton Reporter. March 29, 2011. (view article)

“Foster Kids Most at Risk of Online Predators.” Q13 Fox. January 24, 2011. (view article)