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Advocacy for survivors and families

A common feeling after a sexual assault is the loss of power and control. We’re here to empower you.

KCSARC’s client care specialists provide emotional support and assistance that empowers you and helps you identify your next steps.

We know that every sexual assault, and every survivor and family is different, with unique needs. These experienced professional care specialists listen to your story, and help you identify what kind of support would be most helpful to you.

Whether that’s KCSARC services like medical advocacy, information and referral, legal advocacy, therapy, parent support, or just knowing our 24-hour support through our Resource Line is there for you, always. And, they can make referrals to other organizations in the community that can assist you if you have even more specialized needs.

Contact us for help or information

Support 24 hours a day:
Resource Line: 888.99.VOICE (888.998.6423)
Support Monday-Friday, 9-5:
Dando Voz: 425.282.0324
KCSARC main office: 425.226.5062

425.282.0324 — Ayuda en Español

Gratis y confidencial / Llame de lunes a viernes 8 am - 5 pm

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888.998.6423 — 24/7 Resource Line

Free and confidential / Call for help or information 24 hours a day