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Our experienced advocates answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with free, confidential support and information to help you determine next steps.

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What happens when I call KCSARC?


Immediate, free and confidential support.

Our experienced advocates are here to listen and empower you with information and resources to guide your next steps.


We’ll talk it through with you.

In crisis and don’t know how to get help? Not sure whether what you experienced was a sexual assault? Suspect abuse but don’t know what to do? Just need a shoulder to lean on right now? We’re here for you, no matter what.


Judgment-free support.

KCSARC believes and supports all survivors. Your safety and well-being is our highest priority.

If you’re an adult who has experienced sexual assault or abuse…

  1. Know that you are not alone, and sexual assault is never your fault. KCSARC is here 24 hours a day to take your call, no matter when your assault took place. Our free, confidential and comprehensive support services help you understand your options and manage the effects of trauma.
  2. Consider seeking medical attention. You may also want to consider reporting to law enforcement. The experienced advocates who answer our 24-hour Resource Line can provide information and guidance to help you make decisions that are right for you.
  3. Keep in mind it’s possible to heal following sexual assault. KCSARC offers comprehensive services in both English and Spanish, and referrals and resources tailored to you. Cost is never a barrier to the help and support you need.

If you’re the parent/caregiver of a child who has experienced sexual abuse…


Contact KCSARC for free, comprehensive support and guidance. Whether your child has told you about abuse or their behaviors make you wonder if abuse has occurred, we can help. Our advocates are here with support for you, your child and your family, along with  information, guidance and resources 24 hours a day, every day.

If you’re a young person who has experienced sexual assault or abuse…

Contact KCSARC for free, comprehensive support and guidance. Our advocates can talk with you 24 hours a day, to listen to your story, support you, answer your questions, or connecting you with further resources, like medical, legal or therapy services.

We know you might just want to talk it out at first. KCSARC staff is required to report suspected or substantiated abuse of anyone <18 to law enforcement, per state law, when we have identifying information (like a name, address or phone number).  However, our 24-hour Resource Line will accept anonymous calls. You do not need to provide your name or other identifiers to get immediate support at our Resource Line.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) locations in King County

Medical treatment for injuries and sexual assault forensic exams (sometimes called rape kits) are accessible at hospitals throughout King County, both for adults and children.

Know when you go:

  • You can consent to all or just part of a forensic exam — or choose just to treat your injuries without a forensic exam.
  • You can have the forensic exam even if you haven’t decided whether to report to police. The hospital must hold onto the evidence gathered from the exam in case you decide later to report your assault.
  • Sexual assault exams and related medical care are provided at no cost to the victim of assault. State law requires that Crime Victims Compensation cover the cost of the initial medical exam.
  • Evidence can be collected up to five days (120 hours) following an assault. You do not need to report your assault to law enforcement in order to have this exam.
  • In the case of a person under 18, medical providers are required to report known or suspected sexual abuse to Child Protective Services or law enforcement.

Use the map below to find a location near you.

Or click here for a list of locations in King County.

Harborview Abuse & Trauma Center (up to 18, non-emergent, by appt only) 206-744-1600
Tacoma General-Federal Way Off Campus ED (14-adult) 253-535-3770
UW Northwest Hospital (UW Medicine) (13-adult) 206-364-0500
Virginia Mason Seattle (18+) 206-583-6433
Valley Medical Center (UW Medicine) (13-adult) 425-228-3450
Overlake Medical Center (13-adult) 425-688-5000
UW Medical Center (UW Medicine) (13-adult) 206-598-3300
Swedish First Hill (13-adult) 206-386-6000
St. Francis Hospital Federal Way (14-adult) 253-944-8100
St. Elizabeth Hospital (14-adult) 360-802-8360
Seattle Children’s (up to 21) 206-987-2000
MultiCare Covington Medical Center (14-adult) 253-372-7400
MultiCare Auburn Medical Center (14-adult) 253-833-7711
St. Anne Hospital (Highline) (14-adult) 206-244-9970
EvergreenHealth Medical Center Kirkland (13-adult) 425-899-1700
EvergreenHealth Medical Center Redmond (13-adult) 425-899-1111
Harborview Medical Center (UW Medicine) (all ages) 206-744-3074
How do I access services at KCSARC?

For immediate help or to request an appointment for services, call our 24-hour Resource Line at 1.888.998.6423 anytime 24/7 or call our office M-F between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 425.226.5062.

Is there a cost for KCSARC services?

KCSARC offers most of its services free of charge, including 24-hour Resource Line response, medical or legal advocacy, and parent education, in English or in Spanish.

Therapy services may be billed to your insurer, if you have given us permission to do so. When insurance cannot be billed for therapy, KCSARC will work with you to be sure cost is never a barrier to service and healing.

Are services completely confidential?

As an independent nonprofit, KCSARC protects your privacy and information. You are not required to give your name or location when you call, nor are any calls recorded. All communications with KCSARC are confidential, except in cases involving children or young people under age 18. When we are made aware of possible sexual or physical abuse of a child or young person under 18, and have a name or location of the victim, we are mandated by the state of Washington to report that abuse.

I am injured or need to report an emergency. Do I call KCSARC or 911?

If you need mental health resources, please call 9-8-8.

If you need immediate law enforcement or medical response, please call 9-1-1.

If you need guidance on where to find a hospital to provide a sexual assault forensic exam, how to report a sexual assault, or other related information, client care specialists at our 24-hour Resource Line can assist. Call 1.888.998.6423.

Can I get counseling if my sexual assault was a long time ago?

It is never too late to get help. We offer trauma-focused, structured treatment that is effective at reducing symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety stemming from the assault or abuse, whether it happened recently or years ago.

Is it too late for me to report a past assault?

You can always report a sexual assault to law enforcement, and KCSARC can help you make that report. Laws about whether a sexual assault can be prosecuted vary from state to state. Here in Washington, we have had many changes over time to the statute of limitations for prosecuting sexual assault and child sexual abuse crimes, and these laws can be confusing. Please call our Resource Line to connect you with someone who can help.

What happens after I report a sexual assault?

When you report to law enforcement or your case enters a legal system, it can be a long and confusing process. Some of what you’ll experience depends on your age, how long ago the assault happened and other circumstances surrounding the assault. KCSARC can provide free and confidential legal advocacy support to help you in  reporting — and every step that comes after that. Legal advocates are not attorneys, but they have specialized knowledge about the criminal justice system and can support and inform you in the process. Learn more about how legal advocates can help you here.

Can I still access abortion care in Washington state?

Yes! King County Public Health maintains a comprehensive list of providers and information about abortion and other reproductive health care here.

What if I live outside King County or Washington state and need help or information about sexual assault?

If you live outside King County in Washington state, dial 211 or check WA211 to find a sexual assault resource program in your area. Or you may call the Washington State Office of Crime Victims Advocacy direct services line at 1-800-822-1067.

If you live outside the state of Washington, you can be connected to help in your area through the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.4673 or visit RAINN to locate a center in your state.

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