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Ana Speakers Bureau 2019 BE LOUD BreakfastFor many survivors of sexual assault and their supportive family members, sharing their story with others is a meaningful way to continue their healing journey, instilling courage in others to speak out about sexual violence and creating change in beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, or policies about sexual violence.

Empowered Voices was created to lift the voices of former KCSARC clients who want to share their stories.

This program is designed to support survivors who want to make their voices heard in the community, in ways that feel right for them. That can be sharing a brief quote, a story, artwork, a poem — or even participating in a video or podcast. Or, they may be interested in speaking directly with elected officials, giving a media interview, or speaking at KCSARC events, like the BE LOUD Breakfast or a KCSARC Board meeting.

Through an annual orientation and training, Empowered Voices members have the opportunity to work together and learn from each other and KCSARC staff as they prepare and practice their personal message and increase their comfort with sharing their story.

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If you’re a former KCSARC client who wants to explore how you can raise your voice for change, let us know you’re interested by completing the form below. We’ll be in touch to follow up!

Note: At this time, the Empowered Voices program is open only to those who have or are receiving services at King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. If you have not received services at KCSARC,  you can still get involved in our movement to end sexual violence! We invite you to see our Get Involved section for upcoming public events, sign up for our e-news or policy advocacy alerts, join our BE LOUD Club and more. For questions about ways to get involved, email us at

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