Annual impact reports

Thank you for your partnership. Girl with black hair and brown skin, light blue shirt and red pants hugs a heart with a yellow sun and white puffy cloud on light blue backgroundClick image to view our 2022-23 Impact Report

two people high five in front of a cloud with text your partnership changes everything2021-22 Impact Report

Illustration of community with text Together

2020-21 Impact Report

2019-20 impact report

2018-19 annual impact report

2017-18 impact report cover

2016-17 annual impact report

2015 annual impact report

2023 annual fact sheet

Past fact sheets

2022 Fact Sheet image2022

2021 Fact Sheet page 1 image2021

2020 fact sheet p12020

2019 fact sheet p12019

2018 fact sheet p12018


Audited financial reports

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