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What is sexual assault? And how does KCSARC help?


Sexual assault is any unwanted or illegal sexual contact or behavior.

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Meet the Dando Voz team!


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Dando Voz empowers survivors to speak out


Survivors and families whose primary language is Spanish, and/or who have migrated to King County from other countries, face specific challenges to healing and justice.

Part of those challenges is being understood, linguistically and culturally.

Read more about specific challenges and how KCSARC’s Dando Voz empowers them.

Myth vs. Fact
Believing survivors and breaking myths


When the community hears that a sexual assault victim’s report may have gaps, the immediate response is often to judge and condemn the victim.

That sends a chilling message to all survivors

The Link to Prevention Podcast

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Episode 9: Depictions of a Minor Law


The Link to Prevention Season 1, Episode 9: In this episode, the KCSARC Prevention team delves into the federal law: Depictions of a Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct (Child Pornography). But this isn’t just legal jargon—it’s about safeguarding our youth.

Join us as we break down this law and empower our youth to navigate the digital world responsibly.

KCSARC’s year in review 2023


Wrapping up 2023: how did we raise our voice for survivors of sexual assault?

Empowered Voices member wearing a multicolored floral blouse, holding a small white dog with a multi-tiered rock waterfall in background
Kristy’s Story


Kristy shares her story of hope and healing after surviving childhood sexual abuse. She is now raising her voice to help other survivors know they are not alone as a member of KCSARC’s Empowered Voices program.

The Link to Prevention Podcast

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Episode 8: Student Questions #2


The Link to Prevention Podcast Season 1, Episode 8: In this episode, Hannah is in conversation with Jessica and Adriana, a bilingual therapist at KCSARC, to answer frequently asked questions from students. Middle and high school students are encouraged by the prevention team to ask questions during classroom presentations, and can do so anonymously through the use of a QR code. For this episode, Jessica and Adriana sit down to answer a few of the questions asked this school year.


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Press Releases
KCSARC appoints Kate Krug CEO


The KCSARC board of directors announced the appointment of Kate Krug to chief executive officer, ushering in a new chapter of leadership for the organization.

The Link to Prevention Podcast

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Episode 7: Bystander Intervention


The Link to Prevention Podcast Season 1, Episode 7: In this episode, the KCSARC prevention team sits down to discuss the topic of bystander intervention. The prevention team defines bystander intervention, as well as the term “upstander.” Jessica and Hannah walk through the ways they teach high school students about bystander intervention, including the 4 Ds model of intervening. There’s more than one way to intervene! The prevention team also shares some of their own examples of bystander intervention throughout the conversation.

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