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Tấn công tình dục là gì? Và KCSARC trợ giúp như thế nào?


Tấn công tình dục là bất kỳ hành vi hoặc quan hệ tình dục không mong muốn hoặc bất hợp pháp nào.

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Reports of sexual assaults on planes on the rise


King 5 News

“Victims are not responsible for what happened to them,” said Mary Ellen Stone, CEO of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. “We want to make sure that people understand that it is not the victim’s fault.”

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Episode 6: Talking to Youth


Liên kết để phòng ngừa podcast Season 1, Episode 6: How do you talk to the youth in your life about topics like boundaries, consent, and online safety? In this episode, Hannah chats with two KCSARC staff members who each have experience and expertise in this area. They offer some advice and guidance for starting and continuing these important conversations with the youth in your life.

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How is trauma passed down? What can we do to stop it from affecting future generations? Experts suggest participating in advocacy & activism and talking about it as a family to integrate it into the family narrative and dispel shame. https://t.co/cI1Ni6ABBn


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As the long holiday weekend gets underway, just a reminder we're here, always, when survivors and their families need support. ☎️ https://t.co/F0eXFauaRA https://t.co/U67j4KBC5c


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Today's the last day to weigh in on a King County Community Survey in support of domestic violence/sexual assault victim services - our May e-News has more info! https://t.co/09FqhNhbbA https://t.co/oVTTOQ4YEg

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We hope yesterday's outcome for E. Jean Carroll will be healing for her and for survivors everywhere watching. But it's time to stop treating victims of sexual assault as complicit in the crime inflicted on them. #BelieveSurvivors https://t.co/ocvUSDBj9q


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Thank you to all who donated to KCSARC for #GiveBIG! We’re grateful for your support and excited to announce we reached our goal - and are still counting! If you missed our GiveBIG fundraiser and still want to donate, there's still time. https://t.co/KMnWK4PXja https://t.co/2ygg5zR1r3


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It’s the last day of #GiveBIG, and our match challenge is still on! Donate before midnight to double your impact. https://t.co/KMnWK4PXja A BIG thanks to all who have donated so far - we couldn’t do our work without supporters like you! https://t.co/oH0OkzSmBL


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#GiveBIG is today! Your generosity makes it possible for us to provide services to survivors and their families. All donations will be matched! https://t.co/KMnWK4PXja https://t.co/j4Yc0P0pkN

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