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Tấn công tình dục là gì? Và KCSARC trợ giúp như thế nào?


Tấn công tình dục là bất kỳ hành vi hoặc quan hệ tình dục không mong muốn hoặc bất hợp pháp nào.

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Meet the Dando Voz team!


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Dando Voz empowers survivors to speak out


Survivors and families whose primary language is Spanish, and/or who have migrated to King County from other countries, face specific challenges to healing and justice.

Part of those challenges is being understood, linguistically and culturally.

Read more about specific challenges and how KCSARC’s Dando Voz empowers them.

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Episode 8: Student Questions #2


Liên kết đến phòng ngừa Podcast Season 1, Episode 8: In this episode, Hannah is in conversation with Jessica and Adriana, a bilingual therapist at KCSARC, to answer frequently asked questions from students. Middle and high school students are encouraged by the prevention team to ask questions during classroom presentations, and can do so anonymously through the use of a QR code. For this episode, Jessica and Adriana sit down to answer a few of the questions asked this school year.


Visit us at http://kcsarc.org
Or email education@kcsarc.org

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KCSARC appoints Kate Krug CEO


The KCSARC board of directors announced the appointment of Kate Krug to chief executive officer, ushering in a new chapter of leadership for the organization.

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Episode 7: Bystander Intervention


Liên kết đến phòng ngừa Podcast Season 1, Episode 7: In this episode, the KCSARC prevention team sits down to discuss the topic of bystander intervention. The prevention team defines bystander intervention, as well as the term “upstander.” Jessica and Hannah walk through the ways they teach high school students about bystander intervention, including the 4 Ds model of intervening. There’s more than one way to intervene! The prevention team also shares some of their own examples of bystander intervention throughout the conversation.

Dando Voz: Un servicio que empodera a la comunidad latina


KCSARC se enfoca en tratar de comprender estas necesidades particulares de los sobrevivientes latinxs para poder responder y servir a la comunidad de la manera más adecuada.

Conozca al equipo de Dando Voz


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Reports of sexual assaults on planes on the rise


King 5 News

“Victims are not responsible for what happened to them,” said Mary Ellen Stone, CEO of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. “We want to make sure that people understand that it is not the victim’s fault.”

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Liên kết đến phòng ngừa Podcast

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Episode 6: Talking to Youth


Liên kết để phòng ngừa podcast Season 1, Episode 6: How do you talk to the youth in your life about topics like boundaries, consent, and online safety? In this episode, Hannah chats with two KCSARC staff members who each have experience and expertise in this area. They offer some advice and guidance for starting and continuing these important conversations with the youth in your life.

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