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Our experienced advocates are here to listen and empower you with information and resources to guide your next steps.






KCSARC believes and supports all survivors. Your safety and well-being is our highest priority.


  1. 知道你并不孤单,性侵犯是 绝不 你的错。 KCSARC 一天 24 小时在这里接听您的电话,无论 什么时候 你的攻击发生了。我们免费、保密和全面的支持服务可帮助您了解您的选择并管理创伤的影响。
  2. Consider seeking medical attention. You may also want to consider reporting to law enforcement. The experienced advocates who answer our 24-hour Resource Line can provide information and guidance to help you make decisions that are right for you.
  3. 请记住,性侵犯后有可能痊愈。 KCSARC 提供英语和西班牙语的综合服务,以及为您量身定制的推荐和资源。成本永远不会成为您获得所需帮助和支持的障碍。

If you’re the parent/caregiver of a child who has experienced sexual abuse…


联系 KCSARC 获取免费、全面的支持和指导。 Whether your child has told you about abuse or their behaviors make you wonder if abuse has occurred, we can help. Our advocates are here with support for you, your child and your family, along with  information, guidance and resources 24 hours a day, every day.


联系 KCSARC 获取免费、全面的支持和指导。 Our advocates can talk with you 24 hours a day, to listen to your story, support you, answer your questions, or connecting you with further resources, like medical, legal or therapy services.

我们知道您一开始可能只想说出来。根据州法律,KCSARC 工作人员必须向执法部门报告涉嫌或证实虐待任何 18 岁以下的人, 当我们有识别信息(如姓名、地址或电话号码)时.  However, our 24-hour Resource Line will accept anonymous calls. You do not need to provide your name or other identifiers to get immediate support at our Resource Line.

金县的性侵犯护士检查员 (SANE) 地点



  • 您可以同意进行全部或部分法医检查——或者选择仅在没有法医检查的情况下治疗您的伤势。
  • 即使您尚未决定是否向警方报到,您也可以进行法医检查。医院必须保留从检查中收集的证据,以防您稍后决定报告您的攻击行为。
  • 性侵犯检查和相关医疗服务免费向性侵犯受害者提供。州法律要求犯罪受害者赔偿支付初次体检的费用。
  • Evidence can be collected up to five days (120 hours) following an assault. You do not need to report your assault to law enforcement in order to have this exam.
  • In the case of a person under 18, medical providers are required to report known or suspected sexual abuse to Child Protective Services or law enforcement.


山谷医疗中心(13 名成人)
Overlake 医疗中心(13 名成人)
华盛顿大学医疗中心(13 名成人)
瑞典第一山(13 岁成人)
圣弗朗西斯医院(14 名成人)
圣伊丽莎白医院(13 名成人)
西雅图儿童(0-18 岁)
MultiCare Covington(13 岁成人)
MultiCare Auburn 医疗中心(13 名成人)
圣安妮医院(13 名成人)
EvergreenHealth Kirkland(13 岁成人)
EvergreenHealth Redmond(13 岁成人)
KCSARC 服务是否收费?

KCSARC 以英语或西班牙语免费提供大部分服务,包括 24 小时资源热线响应、医疗或法律宣传以及家长教育。

Therapy services may be billed to your insurer, if you have given us permission to do so. When insurance cannot be billed for therapy, KCSARC will work with you to be sure cost is 绝不 服务和治疗的障碍。


作为一个独立的非营利组织,KCSARC 保护您的隐私和信息。您在拨打电话时无需提供姓名或位置,也不会记录任何通话。与 KCSARC 的所有通信都是保密的,除非涉及 18 岁以下的儿童或青少年。当我们了解到可能对 18 岁以下的儿童或青少年进行性虐待或身体虐待,并知道受害者的姓名或所在地时华盛顿州要求报告这种滥用行为。

我受伤或需要报告紧急情况。我应该拨打 KCSARC 还是 911?

如果您需要立即执法或医疗响应,请致电 9-1-1。

如果您需要关于在哪里可以找到提供性侵犯法医检查的医院、如何报告性侵犯或其他相关信息的指导,我们 24 小时资源热线的客户服务专家可以提供帮助。致电 1.888.998.6423。


寻求帮助永远不会太晚。我们提供以创伤为中心的结构化治疗,可有效减轻因攻击或虐待而导致的 PTSD、抑郁和焦虑症状,无论是最近发生的还是几年前发生的。


You can always report a sexual assault to law enforcement, and KCSARC can help you make that report. Laws about whether a sexual assault can be 被起诉 因州而异。在华盛顿,随着时间的推移,我们对起诉性侵犯和儿童性虐待犯罪的诉讼时效发生了许多变化,这些法律可能会令人困惑。请联系我们的资源热线,以帮助评估您的案件是否仍会被起诉。


When you report to law enforcement or your case enters a legal system, it can be a long and confusing process. Some of what you’ll experience depends on your age, how long ago the assault happened and other circumstances surrounding the assault. KCSARC can provide free and confidential legal advocacy support to help you in  reporting — and every step that comes after that. Legal advocates are not attorneys, but they have specialized knowledge about the criminal justice system and can support and inform you in the process. Learn more about how legal advocates can help you 这里.

Can I still access abortion care in Washington state?

Yes! King County Public Health maintains a comprehensive list of providers and information about abortion and other reproductive health care 这里.

What if I live outside King County or Washington state and need help or information about sexual assault?

If you live outside King County in Washington state, visit the 华盛顿州性侵犯计划联盟 查找您所在地区的性侵犯资源计划。

If you live outside the state of Washington, you can be connected to help in your area through the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.4673 or visit 雷恩 to locate a center in your state.



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