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Trauma-Focused Therapy

KCSARC 提供针对特定创伤的循证疗法,以帮助性侵犯受害者康复。
个人治疗适用于 6 岁以上的儿童、青少年和成人。
成本是 绝不 治疗服务的障碍。


One of KCSARC’s Client Care Specialists can inform you in more detail about our therapy services and help determine if they may be right for you. If so, you will be scheduled for an assessment.



KCSARC specializes in treating the effects of trauma caused by sexual assault, for both adults as well as children and adolescents. We also treat children and adolescents affected by the trauma of physical abuse.

The main goals of trauma-focused treatment are symptom reduction and trauma integration, which is important to managing distressing feelings that may be preventing you from living the life you would like to be living instead of self-care and routine activities. It is effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression and anxiety, as well as other related issues resulting from the assault or abuse.

知道大多数客户平均在 16-20 次疗程中完成这种结构化的集中治疗,并且症状明显缓解,这可能令人惊讶。根据客户的需要,治疗是灵活和个性化的。


KCSARC provides individual therapy for adults who have experienced the trauma of sexual assault in adulthood or childhood. The therapy focuses on trauma, whether related to a recent sexual assault or one that occurred in previous years.

KCSARC 偶尔会为性侵犯的成年幸存者提供结构化的团体治疗。


Children and young people aged 6 and up who have been sexually and/or physically assaulted can benefit from trauma-specific individual therapy when their primary emotional and behavioral health issues are caused by the trauma of sexual/physical assault.

Because sexual abuse of a child affects the entire family, KCSARC encourages and supports parent/caregivers involvement in a young person’s treatment. Parents/caregivers are actively involved in the therapeutic process, including involvement in individual therapy sessions and working with a parent educator.

KCSARC can help parents or caregivers better understand and respond to their younger child’s emotional reactions to abuse by working with a parent educator in our 家庭服务 program.

KCSARC 提供的治疗类型

我们为 PTSD 提供研究最多的有效治疗方法,包括:

  • 创伤聚焦认知行为疗法 (TF-CBT)
  • 长期暴露疗法 (PE)
  • 认知加工疗法 (CPT)
什么是认知加工疗法 (CPT)?

NPR的 这种美国生活 播出了第一人称叙述 纽约时报杂志作家 和作者 Jaime Lowe 关于通过 CPT 的经历。


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