Entrevista con King County Sexual Assault Resource Center


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Director of Clinical Services Agustina Eiff joined M Radio Live during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April to talk about ways we can all help end sexual violence.

Sexual violence, she said, takes many forms, and all survivors’ experiences are valid and should be taken seriously.

During this interview, Agustina dispelled some myths about sexual assault:

  • Most offenders are known to their victims and often belong to their inner circle;
  • Sexual violence affects all genders and ages.
  • In Latinx culture, men often suffer in silence due to shame, stigma, and gender stereotypes.

Agustina stressed that there is always hope, and there is always help, telling the host “The more we discuss sexual assault openly, the safer and more empowered we will all feel. We can only end sexual assault if we come together.”

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