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Through the links below, KCSARC provides a wealth of information related to sexual violence. This information will help you better understand how to prevent sexual assault and respond if it happens.


General Information                                                     
Information for Victims of Sexual Assault 
Information for Friends, Family Members, Guardians, Teachers and other Community Members
KCSARC’s Books: He Told Me Not to Tell, Especially for Parents
Translated Publications
Resources on Bullying
100 Conversations 
CourtWatch Reports and Resources                           

While the information is grouped in categories for ease of use, the information may be useful to people across categories. You may also want to check these links to other web resources as well as KCSARC's list of legal resources.

Safety planning is an important tool in recovery from sexual assault and prevention planning. Learn about ways to keep safe through protection orders and Washington State’s Address Confidentiality Program.

We’re sure you have many questions about sexual assault and how to seek help, or help someone you know. Check the FAQs, and feel free to call our 24-Hour Resource Line at 888.99.VOICE to get your questions answered.

General information regarding sexual assault:
KCSARC Programs and Services (pdf)
How to Identify Grooming Tactics & Prevent Sexual Assault (pdf)
*Safety In Your Neighborhood (pdf)
Top 10 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Sexual Assault (pdf)

Information for victims of sexual assault:
Recovering from Sexual Assault: If It Happens to You (pdf)
What Next...A Supportive Guide to a Sexual Assault Investigation (pdf)
Surviving Sexual Assault...Stress & Relaxation (pdf)
Rape Trauma Syndrome (pdf)
Tips for Testifying (pdf)

Information for friends, family members, guardians, teachers and other community members:
*Talking to Your Children About Sexual Assault (pdf)
*Talking with Your 4-11 Year Old (pdf)
*Talking With Your 9-12 Year Old (pdf)
What Now: Supporting a Friend Who Has Experienced Sexual Assault (pdf)
Deciding What to Do When a Friend Needs Help (pdf)
ACT for your kids (pdf)
Reducing the Risk for Children in Our Care (pdf)

Translated Publications (thank you to Dynamic Language for translation)

Dando Voz / Program Brochure (pdf)
Rompa el Silencio / Ending the Silence - Agency Brochure (pdf)
ACT for your kids - Laotian (pdf)
ACT for your kids - Vietnamese (pdf)
Ending Sexual Violence - Cambodian (pdf)
Recovering from Sexual Assault – Russian (pdf)

KCSARC's Books
 he told me not to tell is a wonderful primer for learning about sexual assault, and teaching your kids about the touching rules as part of the larger context of everyday safety. It was the first book ever published to teach parents how to talk to their children about sexual abuse, and has been printed in 10 languages in 8 countries. At last count, over a million copies have been distributed.  You can download this publication for your family or friends.  

he told me not to tell (view) (pdf)
No Es Un Juego (en Espanol) (pdf)

KCSARC’s books for adults who have a child or children who have been victims of sexual assault:

Especially for Parents (view) (pdf)
Especially for Parents of Adolescents (pdf)
Especially for Parents of Adolescents (en Espanol) (pdf)

Resources regarding Bullying
Talking to Your Child about Bullying (pdf)
Talking to Your Students about Bullying (pdf)
Take a Stand, Lend a Hand: Bystanders & Their Impact on Bullying (pdf)

*These are resources on talking with children and keeping communities safe.