For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

When RealNetworks went public in 1997, the company’s leadership felt it was important to contribute to the common good, starting in their own backyard. that RealNetworks pledged to donate five percent of its after-tax profits to charitable causes—which led to the creation of the RealNetworks Foundation. Our guest blogger Kathryn Sheilds is the Foundation Director and has been a KCSARC supporter for many years.

I was recently asked to write a short piece about why the RealNetworks Foundation supports the work of KCSARC.

The RealNetworks Foundation is unique in that we invite employees of RealNetworks to review grant applications from the community. After several rounds of deliberations, the team recommends the most competitive proposals receive a foundation grant. This volunteer commitment is significant. So, I’m especially proud that almost 1 in 3 of our current, Seattle employees has served on the team – most for multiple cycles.

I’m proud of our process for its due-diligence. But, more importantly, our process (which includes eye-opening site visits) regularly results in a transformative experience for team members who say that it's the best experience of their professional careers. In the last four years, it has also resulted in six, $10,000 grants to KCSARC.

I realize that none of what I’ve written so far explains why the RealNetworks Foundation supports the important work of KCSARC! Fortunately, the quote in the headline does. 

If you’ve made your way to this blog you likely already know that KCSARC is a results-driven organization. KCSARC doesn’t just provide “resources”. KCSARC provides vital services to sexual assault survivors, their families, the prosecutors and courts. KCSARC is also a shining light for every person of good will who believes that the world can be free of sexual assault. KCSARC is an agency that invests its time and resources in programs that have been proven to work. KCSARC is also an agency that is willing to take risks and try new ways of helping all of us do our part to prevent sexual assault while helping survivors to heal.

KCSARC is tough as nails when it comes to relentlessly marching toward its goal of eradicating sexual assault. And, yet the people who embody KCSARC are so truly compassionate. I believe it is this tough-as-nails-compassion that makes KCSARC consistently stand-out as one of the most competitive applications on our docket.

We are proud to have supported KCSARC’s Legal Advocacy Program with a total of $50,000 since 2011. KCSARC's legal advocates are the only participants in the legal system whose sole focus is on the victim. KCSARC's legal advocates serve more than 90% of the sexual assault survivors who press charges in King County.

The Foundation also supports KCSARC’s 100Conversations initiative. This program is an online resource to help foster important conversations about sex, relationships, values and safety. 100Conversations is designed for parents and other caring adults who want to have these conversations with the young people in their lives but could use some help getting started. The ultimate goal of 100Conversations is to help youth make good decisions for themselves by avoiding risky situations both online and in relationships.

Recently, two of KCSARC’s team members spoke at the RealNetworks Foundation’s Grant Review Team orientation.  Although some team members had reviewed KCSARC’s previous applications, after Mary Frances Cline finished her presentation, the team was even more impressed by what a committed group of people can achieve with the necessary community support.

I encourage people who really want to make a difference in our community to join with us in making a financial commitment to KCSARC.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


All credit goes to Kathryn

All credit goes to Kathryn Sheilds Who is actually the director of KCSARC supporter for many years. He is one and only who saw many ups and downs in the journey but remains calm to be on the top.

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