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Speaking Out Against Sexual Violence

Want to make a change in your community?

Research shows that personal experiences and stories have more influence on lawmakers' decisions than any other advocacy strategy.

KCSARC offers former clients a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development and chances to SPEAK OUT against sexual violence in meaningful, change-making ways. 

Who can get involved in KCSARC speaking or writing opportunities?

We have opportunities for former KCSARC clients who want to share their stories. To find out how you can be involved, click the button below.

What kind of opportunities are available? 

  • Donating a quote, story, poem, video, or piece of art.

  • Participating in outreach opportunities.

  • Sharing your story with elected officials. 

  • Giving media interviews.

Individual and group coaching and support is available—talk with others about experiences speaking, work with a coach to prepare and practice your message and increase comfort with sharing your story.

Speaking opportunities can be added to your resume, and KCSARC staff can provide professional references for your participation. 

What does advocacy look like in action?

Below we've included a selection of former KCSARC clients and supporters who have shared their stories in a variety of settings. Join us in raising your voice against sexual violence.



(Above) In January 2017, Cali Knox shared her experience acquiring a Sexual Assault Protection Order (SAPO) with the Washington State House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 1384, a proposed bill that would amend the process of acquiring a SAPO. In part because of her personal testimony, the Washington legislature voted to pass the bill and improve protections for victims of sexual assault.



(Above) In February 2017, Walter Compare shared his experience as the caregiver of a child who experienced sexual abuse in order to raise awareness at KCSARC's BE LOUD Breakfast.



(Above) Kneishia Vinson shared her story for KCSARC's 2012 BE LOUD Breakfast.