An open letter to John Grisham

An open letter to John Grisham:

I have enjoyed reading your novels and short stories for many years; however, I was very disappointed by your recent comments to The Telegraph. People look to you as an authority on the legal system because that is the subject of most your writing, but the information that you conveyed during your interview regarding the victimization of children is misguided. Here are a few things for you to consider:  

1. As a writer, you understand that language is critical in shaping our perceptions. “Child pornography” is a euphemism that minimizes the level of violence because it allows us to be too far removed from what “child pornography” means. We should avoid this minimizing language and call “child pornography” what it is: “images depicting the rape, molestation, or abuse of children.”

2. As long as the demand for child rape imagery exists, photographs and videos of children being raped, molested, and abused will continue to be made and distributed. Those people who are “just looking” are causing harm both to the victims whose images they are viewing, and to future victims.

3. We don’t get to qualify victims. Under the law, viewing images of 10 year-old boys (and girls) is the same as looking at images 16 year-old girls (even if they look “about 30”)—both are illegal!

4. The prisons are not filled with offenders (60 year-old white men or otherwise) convicted for possession of, dealing, or viewing depictions of the sexual assault of children. For example, in King County, WA, (Seattle-area), the population is approximately 2 million. In the last year and half or so, approximately 40 offenders originally charged with a crime(s) involving the dealing in, possession of, or viewing of child abuse imagery, were convicted. Of those offenders, less than a quarter of them were sentenced to time in prison. 

I would welcome further discussion with you on this subject, or you can go to our agency’s website at to get more accurate information.



Laura Jones, J.D.

CourtWatch Manger for King County Sexual Assault Resource Center


The comments made by John

The comments made by John Grisham in The Telegraph were really illogical and disgusting indeed. and i has apologized for it as per recent news. Actually if you were thinking wrong and supporting wrong, you were also supposed to be a wrong person.

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