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Facts and Figures

Below are links to our most recent fact sheets, annual reports and audited financials. Hard copies are available, please email our External Relations Office.

Fact Sheets
2018 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2017 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2016 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2015 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2014 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2013 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2012 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2011 Fact Sheet (pdf)
2010 Fact Sheet (pdf)

Annual Reports
2017-2018 Annual Report (pdf)
2016-2017 Annual Report (pdf)
2015 Annual Report (pdf)
2014 Annual Report (pdf)
2013 Annual Report (pdf)
2011 Annual Report (pdf)
2010 Annual Report (pdf)
2009 Annual Report (pdf)

Audited Financials
2017 Audited Financials (pdf)
2016 Audited Financials (pdf)
2015 Audited Financials (pdf)
2014 Audited Financials (pdf)
2013 Audited Financials (pdf)
2012 Audited Financials (pdf)
2011 Audited Financials (pdf)
2010 Audited Financials (pdf)
2009 Audited Financials (pdf)

Strategic Plan
KCSARC's Board of Directors supports and has approved the Strategic Plan for 2015-2019. If you would like more information please contact KCSARC's Executive Director, Mary Ellen Stone at 425.282.0354 or mstone@kcsarc.org.

Strategic Plan Summary (pdf)