Amplified Stories: I Am Not the Only One

Amplified Stories: I Am Not the Only One

AMPLIFIED STORIES is a platform created by KCSARC in order to amplify the voices of survivors of sexual violence. Shared experiences hold the power to validate, heal, and change. The post below was submitted by a survivor who gave KCSARC permission to share their story.

This post contains a story of sexual violence. If at any time, you feel unsafe, need support, or need to talk, please call our 24-Hour Resource Line: 1.888.99.VOICE (1.888.998.6423).

According to the public eye, reports of sexual assault can racked and stacked.  The common elements to fabricate such a cocktail involves: the evening hours, intoxication, and partying!  The catchphrase, "she wanted it!" is a negligent way to handle such abuse. 

Sexual assault is the most cancerous form of domestic violence.  Because it often happens privately, no one knows until you know. 

Sensuality that was once treasured is now shattered into brittle glass.  Malady festers the inner core of our existence.  Frigidity suffocates our community unless we finally face the reality. Our communities are deeply impacted.  We must remain aware!

I am here today to show my gratitude to all who may or may not understand how much being a victim of sexual assault hurts.  You are here to listen to me for the sake of healing our community.

I grew up in a loving, stable home owned by my parents.  My family had dinner every evening, talked about school and our plans.  My childhood was fun, and I thrived being my authentic self.  I spoke up when situations appeared to go sideways, which politically was the matter of fact.

I felt confident enlisting in the military to show I was a proud American just months prior to September 11, 2001. I was unaware that workplace sexual assault is similar to the classic date rape I heard around the way.

The military has a long-standing reputation for creating the breeding ground for such criminal activity.  Only until 2014, the military allows the wounded to seek protected medical treatment without harming one's career.

Just as a service member is shot by the enemy and cared for by medical professionals, the same concept applies to tending to those internally wounded. Remember that all victims are subjected to institutional betrayal and are portrayed as the vile criminals.

The real problem is that no one respects the victim until violence directly affects you and your beloved.

Being punched in the face, raped, and returning to work the next day with a black eye was a sight to see, and then get ignored. I honorably served my duty under oath and continue to do so as a post-9/11 Veteran.

I stand here today accepting that I am not just the only one taken for granted.


If at any time, you feel unsafe, need support, or need to talk, please call our 24-Hour Resource Line: 1.888.99.VOICE (1.888.998.6423).


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