Amplified Stories: Choose the Healing Path That's Right for You

Amplified Stories: Choose the Healing Path That's Right for You

AMPLIFIED STORIES is a platform created by KCSARC in order to amplify the voices of survivors of sexual violence. Shared experiences hold the power to validate, heal, and change. The post below was submitted by a survivor who gave KCSARC permission to share their story.

This post contains a story of sexual violence. If at any time, you feel unsafe, need support, or need to talk, please call our 24-Hour Resource Line: 1.888.99.VOICE (1.888.998.6423).

When I finally came forward about four years of child rape, my perpetrator was not criminally charged, and I was revictimized by the Mason County Prosecutor. She told me it could not have been child rape because it went on for so long. She treated me like I was a willing participant in the abuse and refused to press charges because it was not a 100%-guaranteed-to-win case.

My boundaries were ignored for the four years I endured child rape. As a result, as an adult, I did not know how to have boundaries, which led me to a series of unhealthy relationships with other abusive men.

Preventing victims from naming their attackers sends the message that rapists' reputations are more important than a victim's right to speak up. - Jessica Valenti

Since the prosecutor refused to charge my child rapist, I have been afraid for my life on a daily basis. The system taught my perpetrator he can do what he wants and get away with it. As a result, for the past 15 years I have experienced ongoing stalking, harassment, and threats against my life.

The fact is that rape is a life changing event for the victim, thus it should be life changing for the perpetrator, too.

If the system does not want to help make it life changing for him, then there are other ways. Going public and outing my rapist is part of my healing path. Some have called me brave. I do not feel brave. I feel I have done what is necessary to protect others. I feel guilty for not publicly "outing" him earlier; perhaps I could have prevented others from becoming victims.

Now, I hope to prevent him from having other victims and to let other survivors know they are not alone. I have faced plenty of backlash and criticism for coming forward because he was not convicted. THE REALITY IS MOST PERPETRATORS ARE NOT CONVICTED!

Often, those who were abused as children do not come forward for decades, if ever. I believe there should be no statute of limitations on prosecuting child sexual abuse cases for this reason.

It is estimated that only one third of sexual assaults are ever reported to police. Of those, only 14-18% make it to trial, and of those, approximately 2% result in a conviction. Most convicted will spend less than a year in jail. What all those numbers mean is that there is a greater number of non-convicted sexual offenders in communities than convicted sex offenders!

Even when reporting the crime to the police, survivors are revictimized, which is why most sexual assaults go unreported. I must speak out at this point. I decided I have been revictimized enough and it is time to take my power back and speak the truth! I speak out publicly in the hopes of protecting other women and girls in Mason County.


Choose the healing path that is right for you!

If at any time, you feel unsafe, need support, or need to talk, please call our 24-Hour Resource Line: 1.888.99.VOICE (1.888.998.6423).


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