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Our 2019 state policy priorities will help remove barriers to justice for victims who report sexual assault, and instill confidence that reports will be taken seriously.

During the session, KCSARC prioritizes these commonsense reforms to better support survivors of sexual assault and rape: 

  • Simplify and Expand the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Crimes (Senate Bill 5649): This proposal addresses the short and arbitrary limits on the time a survivor can expect to hold a perpetrator accountable when reporting to law enforcement. It also updates the Rape 3 statute to match the existing definition of consent in state law, requiring words or conduct indicating freely given agreement to sexual contact. This has passed the Legislature and was signed by Gov. Inslee April 19. It takes effect July 28.

  • Give Parity to Sexual Assault Survivors Seeking Protection Orders (House Bill 1149):  KCSARC supports a legislative fix to the 2018 Roake v. Delman decision regarding SAPOs that would clarify the underlying sexual assault alone is sufficient threat to issue a protection order, rather than requiring victims to provide further evidence that a perpetrator remains a threat to a sexual assault victim after a crime has been committed.This has passed the Legislature and was signed by Gov. Inslee May 7.

  • Expedite Rape Kit Evidence (House Bill 1166): We support stronger policies and resources that address the backlog of 6,000 untested rape kits and ensure all rape kits are tested in a timely manner. This has passed the Legislature and was signed by Gov. Inslee April 23.

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