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Trauma-Informed Classrooms

Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms—a resource for middle and high school educators—began with one student’s inspiring efforts.

After supporting a friend who had experienced sexual assault, Bridget Yule identified the need for more resources and awareness around sexual violence. As a junior at her high school, Bridget began facilitating consent workshops with her peers and recognized that teachers and school staff were in a unique position to support student survivors. She knew there was more to be done—but needed support to make these changes happen.

When Bridget attended the KCSARC BE LOUD Breakfast in 2016, she connected with KCSARC staff who could help to amplify her efforts.

Working closely with KCSARC, Bridget planned a training for teachers and school staff on the topic of sexual violence. The goal of this training was to educate faculty on helpful responses to disclosures of sexual assault and on ways to make classrooms more accessible to students who had experienced trauma. KCSARC successfully facilitated this training and received positive feedback from those who attended


Motivated by this training, KCSARC wrote and produced the Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms resource. The set of cards, and accompanying poster, are intended to assist middle and high school educators in addressing sexual assault within the school environment. These resources are available for free:

For more information about Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms, or to schedule a Trauma-Informed Classrooms training for your group, please contact