About Us


In KCSARC’s work to end sexual violence, one of greatest tools is media. Media raises awareness around the issue and lets people know that KCSARC is there to help. Our community is engaged with the issue of sexual assault, often on a daily basis. KCSARC is an expert source to answer questions and provide information. We encourage the media to contact us, and for survivors to speak out and share their story.

KCSARC Media Contact:
Laurel Redden, Marketing Communications Manager
Email: LRedden@kcsarc.org
Direct: 425.282.0427
Main Office: 425.226.5062

Providing Resources for Survivors:

If you are writing a story about sexual assault and would like to provide a link to KCSARC, use the following template:

If you have experienced sexual assault and need support, or if you would like more information about sexual violence, call King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s 24-hour Resource Line at 888.99.VOICE or visit www.kcsarc.org/gethelp