GiveBIG The best day to join together and invest in our community!

GiveBIG The best day to join together and invest in our community!

We all know Seattle is a hot place to be right now. With people moving here from all across the country for new job opportunities, the great outdoors, or just the food and coffee alone, Seattle seems to have something for everyone. I feel so lucky to call the Pacific Northwest my home. And right now, we have a big reason to celebrate the Puget Sound and all its glory!

The Seattle Foundation, for its 6th year in a row, is spearheading a community giving movement to bring everyone together to make an impact – all in one day.

On May 3, the annual GiveBIG campaign will launch, celebrating our region’s hardest working non-profits and the many philanthropists who support them. GiveBIG is the result of the amazing work that the Seattle Foundation does to invest in the future of the Puget Sound area. Bringing together community members for a 24-hour online giving campaign, the goal is to raise money so that non-profit organizations can continue to create equality of opportunity in our region. Over the past five years, more than $56 million dollars has been invested in the greater Seattle community from contributors to GiveBIG! Pretty great, right? Yet another reason to feel lucky to live here.

Donations, large and small, have the ability to go a long way because every gift donated on May 3 will be stretched by the Seattle Foundation’s own giving pool. Last year, the Seattle Foundation invested an additional $1.9 million in hundreds of local non-profits!

GiveBIG represents a wonderful opportunity for our community to band together on one day of the year and support the non-profits we love – what a great concept! And thanks to the Seattle Foundation, giving to one, two, or ten non-profits could not be easier on their giving platform.  

So, how can you best participate in GiveBIG and help move this campaign forward? Easy! You can spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues and promote GiveBIG through social media, email, and blogging (or simply share this blog post!) On May 3, make your gift early and remind everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity to help support our local non-profits.

Happen to be out of town on May 3? No problem. This year, you have the ability schedule your donation ahead of time, beginning on April 18.

If you have a non-profit that is near and dear to your heart, GiveBIG is the perfect opportunity to stretch your donation even further. You can learn more about the amazing non-profits that are participating in GiveBIG this year by visiting You can also visit KCSARC's individual giving page here

Seattle has many things that make it stand out, but a city-wide day dedicated to philanthropy and community support certainly tops my list. Consider making your gift on May 3. Let’s do this. Together. 



My twin brothers Secret, was my secret as well

I'm 52yrs old and after reading some of yours and others story, I then believe that my secret is real.
I guess, I have hid this Secret for so many years, that I actually started to believe
That it didn't happen.
Many years ago my twin brother told me a Secret and made me
promised that I wouldn't tell anyone.
The secret was that, my older brother had molested him when we were younger.
I just couldn't believe what he just told me because my older brother did the same to me!
( My older brother was very abusive to us and we were scared to death of him but
To learn many years later, That he had molested my twin brother and me (female)
Made the hate towards him even worse)

Till this day, it's still a secret!
I lost my twin brother at the age of 42. My
Whole world came crashing down! I was still
At that age( 42) seen my twin as my Protector & bestfriend
I guess you can say, he took that secret to the grave, because I kept that promise and never told anyone
About the secret he told me but then again.... My twin brother Never Knew the story of my oldest brother molesting me for years as well.
I really don't know where I'm going with this??? But it feels good just to write it out and come to terms that maybe ( just maybe) this could be the the reasons, I have very bad anxiety, bipolar, OCD, and flash backs of that horrible childhood and such a fear of darkness(I hate it when I know I have to go to sleep)why I have a hard time trusting anyone!
Thanks for allowing me to have anyone read my short story of a life time of pain.

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