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We have an entrepreneurial approach that embraces possibility-making, and out-of-the-box thinking. At KCSARC, we are determined to find better solutions because we're passionate about supporting survivors and ending sexual violence. Sexual assault is not a "silo issue." It also touches domestic violence, bullying, homelessness, victim-blaming, and more. KCSARC dares to bring these adjacent issues together, and to bring a variety of voices to our effort to BE LOUD about sexual assault.

What is BE LOUD About?

BE LOUD is designed to emphasize the positive things KCSARC is doing to re-build lives and re-kindle hope and joy.

BE LOUD is about forward movement. This is not about looking back, it’s about looking forward.

It is critical that no one misinterprets what we are doing with BE LOUD. We will never forget the one thing that draws everyone to KCSARC in the first place. However,  KCSARC needs to be defined more by the positive impact it has on the agency’s clients and the broader community.


  • Challenging violence to create safer environments for everyone

  • Envisioning an optimistic future

  • Building fulfilling lives where the victim is not defined by their sexual assault

  • Celebrating the present and instilling hope for tomorrow

  • Engaging others to end the silence