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Building Resilience Podcast


We're glad you're here! Building Resilience, a new podcast from the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC), provides information and tangible tools to listeners who want to join us in our mission to end sexual violence.

Each episode focuses on a specific topic under the larger umbrella of sexual assault, offering steps you can take to change the culture, starting in your everyday conversations. Whether it’s a discussion on parenting tools to raise empathetic, resilient youth, or a conversation with young folks on how to create a safer school environment, we aim to equip you with what you need to help end sexual violence in our communities.

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Introducing Building Resilience

We're excited to introduce this new project as part of our violence prevention efforts! The purpose of this show is to equip listeners with what they need to end sexual violence. 

1. Boundaries 101

When we practice setting and respecting personal boundaries, we are building healthier relationships and healthier individuals. KCSARC’s Family Services Specialists and Preventionist discuss how parents and caregivers can empower their young ones to set and respect boundaries.

Upcoming episodes:

2.The Case for Consistency (why structure and routines are important)

3. Communication Styles

4. PRIDE skills (parent tool for communicating with younger children)

5. PLAIN talk (parenting tool for communicating with teens)