Understanding Boundaries

What Are They?

  • Boundaries are our personal guidelines for what we're okay with and not okay with. They are limits that we set with other people. You have the right to set your own boundaries and have them be respected by others. 

They're Healthy

  • Boundaries are a necessary part of any friendship or relationship. A healthy relationship allows room for open and honest conversation about your limits and needs. 

They Can Change

  • Our boundaries can be shaped by our experiences and responses to things, so it's totally natural for them to change depending on the situation. Don't feel guilty for adapting and changing your boundaries depending on how you feel. 

They're Personal

  • Everyone's different. You get to decide what boundaries you set with different people. It helps to take time to think and get to know yourself: what makes you feel loved and safe? What makes you feel uncomfortable?

They're Specific

  • Boundaries can apply to any situation: there are physical boundaries (like hugs), emotional (like expressing your feelings to someone), social (like how much personal information you share with a stranger versus a best friend). 

They're a Two-Way Street

  • Everyone has the right to set and define their own boundaries. It's up to each of us to understand and respect the boundaries of others, whether or not we understand the reasons for them. Don't assume that you know what someone else is okay with-- play it safe and ask!

Watch as our Prevention Coordinator Vanessa explains boundaries

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