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Format: 2021-06-18
Format: 2021-06-18

Legal Advocacy: We’re with you, every step of the way

KCSARC’s Legal Advocacy team is the liaison between survivors and our criminal justice system. The Advocacy program assists survivors of sexual assault and their families as they navigate one of the most complex systems and processes they’ll ever face. KCSARC provides 90% of sexual assault legal advocacy services in King County, working across three different court systems and 39 police jurisdictions.

Justice system must work for all survivors

We agree with and support the call to challenge the injustice and systemic racism in our criminal justice system and to make long overdue investments in the Black community. We believe Black lives matter, and we stand with Black, Indigenous and other people of color.

As elected officials make decisions about police funding, they must offer a clear vision of how changes will affect sexual assault victims who are participating in the criminal justice system.

24-Hour Support Just a Call Away

"Resource Line, may I help you?”

Those six words connected more than 3,600 callers last year to the help and information they needed following a sexual assault. 

KCSARC’s 24-Hour Resource Line is the backbone of our service. For many callers, it’s the first step to finding support and healing, either for themselves, their child, or another family member. The advocates who answer their call are sometimes the first people survivors tell about their abuse, whether it happened that day, or took place years ago. 

Racism and Sexual Violence

intersectionsWe share the grief, pain, and collective outrage over the racist violence that continues to be inflicted upon Black people. We join the calls for justice and accountability in policing. And we know there is more we should all expect from this moment.

To survivors and our community

For more than four decades, the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center has supported survivors of sexual assault and their families with innovative, comprehensive services and resources to help them heal, while advocating for systems that better respond to the needs of survivors.

Statement on Biden Allegation



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