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100 Conversations

100 Conversations is
an online resource to help have important
converstions about sex, relationships, values
and safety.

100 Conversations is
for parents and adults who want to have
these conversations with the young people in
their lives, but could use help getting started.

100 Conversations will
help you open up the lines of communication,
share your values and feelings, increase youth
resiliency and learn from each other.

The 100 Conversations toolkit encompasses 100 different conversations on topics that youth can explore with peers or adults. 100 Conversations was created in partnership with a group of youth working on sexual violence prevention at KCSARC. Conversation topicss relate to on- and offline safety, healthy relationships, values, and underlying conditions that support a culture of rape, power, control, and violence.

Research by David Finkelhor, Director of Crimes against Children Research Center and renowned researcher in the field of child sexual abuse, helped shape the direction of 100 Conversations. He recommends that prevention efforts deal frankly with concerns relevant to adolescents, including autonomy, romance and sex. In 2012, Finkelhore met with P.O.P! members to discuss 100 Conversations shortly after the launch and was impressed with the efforts of this group of young people. He stated, "100 Conversations is at the forefront of innovative prevention of sexual abuse for teens."

Click to check out KCSARC's100 Conversations toolkit.