100 Conversations – Personal boundaries

Audience: Youth, Parents + Caregivers, Advocates + Educators

Topic: Boundaries + Values

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These ideas help everyone in the conversation:
  1. Define personal boundaries
  2. Talk about different kinds of boundaries
  3. Name three boundaries

Think about this first:

exclamation point green on blue
This conversation helps frame the idea of personal boundaries within different contexts and asks questions to help think about boundaries.



Having the conversation

Start here:

  • red speech bubbleHow would you define personal boundaries?
  • Sometimes I hear the word “boundaries” and think physical boundaries –what other kinds of boundaries are there?
  • How do most people usually learn about boundaries?


  • How do personal boundaries change as someone gets older?blue speech bubble
  • How are personal boundaries different based on the relationship with another person? Like, would personal boundaries be different with a friend than a family member? What about a stranger?

Keep talking:

  • Do you have different boundaries with a friend than with a partner?
  • What are the biggest differences?
  • Do you ever have to change the boundaries you have set up with someone?
  • Why would you want to change your idea of boundaries with a certain person?
  • What kinds of boundaries do your friends have? How do you know?
  • Are your boundaries pretty similar, or different? How are they different?
  • Do you think that people from other cultures have different boundaries
  • How are they different? How are they similar?
  • Have you ever had a conflict with someone who had very different boundaries than you? What did you do?
  • I’ve experienced that a couple times before, here is what I did _____.

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