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Format: 2018-05-24

CourtWatch Volunteer Explores the Role of KCSARC Legal Advocates

Blog post written by Andrea Martin, KCSARC CourtWatch Volunteer

BEST STARTS FOR KIDS is a great start for all of us

Woo hoo!  When I woke up on Wednesday morning I was thrilled to see that Best Starts for Kids kept its lead in Tuesday's elections and passed!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

It feels like a different question than it used to be – and maybe that is because I work in sexual violence prevention, and maybe it’s because I’m not a kid anymore, but when it comes to picking out Halloween costumes, there are some important things to consider!

Best Starts for Kids

Best Starts for Kids

Earlier this summer the KCSARC Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Best Starts for Kids. Here's why:

The Less than "Perfect Victim"

As anyone who follows the news knows, college sexual assault has been all over major media outlets recently. From the Rolling Stone article about a now contested gang rape at the University of Virginia, to the new film, The Hunting Ground, and Columbia student Emma Sulcowicz’s performance art piece, campus rape is getting a lot of attention, and many would argue rightly so. In a world where 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted in college and administrations deal irresponsibly with the few cases that are reported, this issue should absolutely be addressed.

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