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Format: 2018-05-24
Format: 2018-05-24

Finding our Voice

My heart skipped a beat when I heard we had over 1,000 people registered for our 25th BE LOUD Breakfast. Granted, 1,000 is not that much different from 950, or 875, but it symbolized for me a breakthrough in this event.

Link to One Another

There really is no such thing as a separation of one’s personal life and work life. It is the same heart that pounds at the office as well as at home. And for me, I do not think I have lived in a year with so much LOSS and so much GAIN, intermingled and divinely directed, as this one.

Words Can Be Powerful

Words can be very powerful. I have always defined gratitude as the act of giving thanks for all of the good things in life…in my day-to-day. Recently, I have learned that gratitude is also about being thankful for the trials. It has been in the midst of trials that I have learned what being grateful for the lessons learned in those difficult spaces means. I have noticed that some lessons can only be learned in the valleys…in the dark places. I have not liked being in those places…but as I look back…I am richer and wiser for having traveled there.

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