What do we mean by 'sexual assault prevention'?

What do we mean by 'sexual assault prevention'?

What does sexual assault prevention actually mean?

This year, the theme of Sexual Assault Awareness Month is PREVENTION. What does preventing sexual assault mean--and where do we start?

Ending sexual assault involves with uprooting harmful beliefs that excuse sexual violence and replacing them with values that promote equality and respect. When we talk about sexual assault prevention, we’re talking about challenging and uprooting harmful stereotypes.

Where do we start?
This work starts with our families and friends. Everyone has opportunities to have conversations about valuing consent, healthy boundaries, and positive relationships. We can change a culture that perpetuates sexual assault.

What would these conversations look like?

Over time, these personal conversations lead to larger shifts in attitudes and how our culture perceives sexual violence.

The tide can turn—and it starts with you.


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