'We must remain vigilant and proactive,' 2018 BE LOUD Breakfast

'We must remain vigilant and proactive,' 2018 BE LOUD Breakfast

With your fantastic efforts, the BE LOUD Breakfast is now at capacity. WOW! 

To celebrate this event, we spoke with Vicky Vreeland of Vreeland Law, a Visionary Sponsor of the event, about her history in the work to end sexual violence, why persistence is key, and what else community members can do to get involved with KCSARC's work.

How did Vreeland Law get involved with KCSARC, and how long have you sponsored the BE LOUD Breakfast?

I started as a Volunteer Advocate for King County Rape Relief in 1976. It was a dedicated but small/grassroots organization. King County Rape Relief became King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC).

Back then, we had a Director and Volunteer Coordinator—and lots of advocates who took the crisis line calls, went to ERs at all hours of the day and night to make sure rape kits were administered, and helped people through the criminal process. 

I joined the Board, and then became President—we did a long search for a new Executive Director, and we were so, so impressed and fortunate to hire Mary Ellen Stone—who has made KCSARC into one of the best sexual assault agencies in the nation!  

I continued to participate on the Board for several years. I have been a supporter of the BE LOUD Breakfast since it started, and before I started Vreeland Law in 2011, I got my former law firm to be a sponsor for many years as well—so long ago I cannot even recall.  As Vreeland Law, we have sponsored each year since we opened in October 2011.   

BE LOUD Advocates speaking out about sexual violence at the 2017 BE LOUD Breakfast.

How does Vreeland Law’s mission intersect with KCSARC's work to end sexual violence in our community?

We represent individuals to obtain justice when they have been injured by discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, and gender inequity in their employment and personal lives.

We have a personal commitment to the rights of individuals to be free from abuse and discrimination.

What can members of our community do to get involved with KCSARC's work?

Help in any way possible, with the time and talents available to you, including:

  • Speaking out against violence and abuse (#BELOUD!);

  • Talking with friends and coworkers and family members to educate and inform them;

  • Finding out about KCSARC’s resources and refer people to them for help and counseling;

  • Volunteering time to the organization;

  • Providing financial support on a regular basis;

  • Reading the website information and attending events; and

  • Writing to lawmakers to support requested legislation to help end the violence.

Anything else you'd like to share?

We have come a long way since the 1950s, and a long way from November 2016.

The last year has shown us that we must remain vigilant and proactive and to never let up! Although the 2018 BE LOUD Breakfast is now at capacity, your support is still just as important. A gift of $200 provides four hours of education and prevention services, like holding a session for parents on how to talk to their kids about bodies, relationships, and age-appropriate consent! Stand with us in ending sexual violence FOR GOOD.

Vicky Vreeland, owner and founder of Vreeland Law, is recognized as one of the top trial lawyers and employment and civil rights attorneys in the state of Washington.

She has represented numerous individuals in sexual abuse, employment and civil rights cases for age, disability, race, gender, equal pay, sexual orientation, religion and national origin discrimination and retaliation claims.

Vicky resides in Redmond. In her spare time, she plays piano and often performs at public events and nursing homes. She loves baseball and attending Seattle Mariners games at Safeco Field.


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