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Federal Legislative News

KCSARC prioritizes strengthening federal policies and funding that support and assist survivors of sexual assault. We are currently monitoring or acting on: 

  • COVID-19 stimulus. KCSARC has joined with national advocates calling on Congress to include funding for community response to sexual assault survivors in pandemic stimulus packages. As survivors' needs have become more complex amid a global pandemic, community providers like KCSARC have responded with more direct client support, unplanned investments in technology, and other operational expenditures in order to ensure continuity of service. In May, we joined 450 other organizations around the country in a letter to Congress, detailing the need for funding and policy changes to protect survivors.  

  • Title IX. The U.S. Department of Education recently released its final rule, which is set to go into effect this August. Advocates have raised a number of red flags, and are taking legal action to prevent the rule from taking effect. Read our blog to learn how some of the changes would impact victims of sexual assault. 

  • Renewing and strengthening the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This landmark federal law helps improve community and criminal justice responses to sexual assault and domestic violence. Three reauthorizations since it was first enacted added important protections for Native American, immigrant and LGBTQ survivors. A reauthorization passed the House in 2019, but legislation has stalled in the Senate. 

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