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Family Services

Family Services programs are available to non-offending parents/guardians who have a child/teen enrolled in trauma-specific therapy and/or legal advocacy. One-on-one educational programs include information on many topics, including:

  • Sexual Abuse: The impact on child victims, non-offending parents, and families.

  • Sex Offenders: Understanding their strategies, motivation and persistence.

  • Coping Strategies: Positive and negative strategies and what to do about them.

  • Discipline: After sexual abuse; understanding child development impacted by sexual abuse; and positive discipline strategies.

  • Internet: Child victimization, predators, safety tips, monitoring and/or limiting use of the internet at home.

  • Perpetrator Prevention: Appropriate for anticipated reunification between juvenile offender and victim(s); when a known sex-offender lives in the home; visitation ordered between offenders and children; parents and/or family members of sex offenders; and adolescents.

Note: KCSARC does not accept referrals for this program as it is not designed to be a standalone service. Service applicability is assessed after clients are enrolled in therapy and/or legal advocacy.