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Among the backlog of cases in King County Superior Court are 408 sexual assault victims who have been waiting an average of 563 days from the time the defendant in their case was arraigned.

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It is possible to stop sexual violence in all forms by working further upstream to change understandings, cultural norms, and ultimately behaviors. The place we see most promise is with young people.

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As of July 28, 2019, the state of Washington eliminated the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes against children under 16 at the time of the crime, and extended the deadline for victims aged 16 and over to 20 years from commission of the crime.

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During the 2017 legislative session, KCSARC prioritized amending the Sexual Assault Protection Order (SAPO) Act in Washington state to better support and protect survivors of sexual assault. This commonsense, victim-focused reform passed.

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