You stood with survivors in 2020

Survivors and their families in communities throughout King County found a supportive and immediate response, healing therapy, or help navigating the legal process because of donors like you.

Your gift in 2020 connected more than 4,500 survivors and their families to the nonprofit King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, the region’s largest and most comprehensive hub for information, resources, referrals and direct services for survivors of sexual assault or abuse.

Your generosity also extended prevention education and advocacy in communities throughout King County, to stop sexual assault from happening in the first place.

We can’t be more grateful — watch to discover the impact you made.

2020 services by the numbers

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Resource Line service numbers


3,121 callers accessed information, crisis support and referrals in 2020.

Legal Advocacy impact image


In 2020, 2,515 survivors were supported through the complex and challenging legal system.

Therapy impact image


410 individuals participated in trauma-specific, evidence-based therapy that is proven effective in treating trauma.

client advocacy support impact image


2,494 survivors and their families connected to services in 2020.

parent education impact image


Parents/caregivers of 385 children learned how to better facilitate their child’s healing in 2020.

Dando Voz impact image


In 2020, 461 Spanish-speaking clients accessed culturally relevant therapy, legal advocacy, parent education and referrals.

prevention education impact image


KCSARC reached 54,443 individuals with sexual violence prevention education, training and outreach, both in person and online.

Client service numbers image

In just the last

5 years,

KCSARC supported more than

22,000 survivors and their family members.

That’s enough to fill

312 school buses.

Adults vs children impact image

Last year,

almost half

of those KCSARC served were

children & teens.

Gender impact image

The majority of KCSARC clients identify as female. But KCSARC serves a significant number (click to continue reading)

The majority of those served identify as female. But KCSARC serves a significant number of men and boys, as well as as survivors who identify as non-binary.

race impact image

Not all clients choose to share their racial identity. Of those who did in 2020, (click to continue reading)

Not all clients choose to share their racial identity. Of those who did in 2020, a significant percentage identified as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. 15% of all clients who identified their race indicated they are Black, and another 7% identify as biracial. Victims who identify as Asian comprised 6% of KCSARC’s clients, while Pacific Islander and Indigenous survivors each accounted for 3% of those who disclosed a racial identity.

ethnicity impact image

Not all clients choose to share their ethnic identity. Of those who did in 2020, (click to continue reading)

Not all clients choose to share their ethnic identity. Of those who did in 2020, more than 1 in 5 identify as Latinx/Hispanic. Victims who identify as Latinx/Hispanic represented 21% of KCSARC’s clients who reported their ethnicity.

relationship to offender impact image

In 2020, the vast majority of clients

— 88% —
knew the person who assaulted them.

Just 12%

of victims whom KCSARC supported

were assaulted by a stranger.

regional service impact image

KCSARC supported survivors from every city in King County.

Almost half of our clients live in South King County.

2020 Audited Financials

revenue wheel impact image
Private Contributions ……………………. $  1,792,586
Government Grants/Contracts**…  $ 6,007,861
Fee for Service ………………………………. $     362,950
Misc. & Investment Revenue …………. $         27,295
Total Revenue ………………………………… $ 8,190,692
expense wheel impact image
Program Services ………………………… $ 5,284,238
Management & General ………………. $       687,218
Fundraising & Communications ….. $      990,991
Total Expense ………………………………. $ 6,962,447

**Government Grants/Contracts includes federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. 

Individuals, Corporations and Foundations contributed $1.79 million in 2020

Private funders in 2020 stood shoulder-to-shoulder with KCSARC, ensuring survivors and their families could continue to find support when they needed it. Thanks to you, no survivor faced a barrier to service due to cost.

Your generosity also powered our prevention education and outreach work in the community, to stop sexual assault and abuse from happening.

When you donated, sponsored or funded our work in 2020, you joined a growing and dedicated group of KCSARC supporters:

Thank you to our 2020 donors & partners


Paula and Jeffrey Pyatt


Eve and Ellsworth Alvord
Sue Gilbert
Elizabeth McCaw
Peter and Julie Rose


Bill and Janette Adamucci
Bobbe and Jon Bridge
Angela and Eric Bultemeier
Justina Chen and Dan Johnson
Rosanne Esposito-Ross and Louis Ross
Ellen Ferguson
Suzanne Krahling
Rebecca and Johnathon Mohr
Tavan Pechet
Peter and Babita Pental
Judy Pigott
Walker Family Foundation


Summer and Kyle Bozick
Gaylia and Larry Bullock
Rebecca Cates
Paula and William Clapp
Jo Anne and Alan Holt
Julie Kays
Alden and Meghan Kroll
Jan Levy
David Miller
Maribeth O’Connor and Chuck Nordhoff
Jim and Mariette O’Donnell
Thomas Rasmussen and Clayton Lewis
Paula and Stephen Reynolds
Rebecca Roe and Tim Greenleaf
Alexa Rudin
Rae Anne Rushing
Andrew Sacks
Amy and Patrick Schlight
Lauren Venezia


Anne and Greg Adams
Frank Albanese
Robert Albers
Kathleen Anamosa and Jim Taggard
Jessica and Jason Anderson
Kari and Jim Annand
Anonymous Donors from Google Inc.
Anonymous Donors from Microsoft
Ana Anuradhika and Binay Kumar Pathak
Lynn Behar
Sheri Biller
Donald Bistline
Deirdre and Fraser Black
Fiona Blank
Frank and Charlene Blethen
Joshua Blondo
Thomas Thompson and Lisca Borichewski
Judith and J. Cleve Borth
Leslie and Joshua Boyd
Dodi and Richard Briscoe
Alexandra Brookshire
Jacqueline Brown and Bill Wheatley
Jonathan and Carol Buchter
Tom and Julie Bui
Timothy Burgess
Mary and Mel Butler
Rick and Terri Catalani
Steve Cohn
Crissa Cugini
Martha Dawson
Matt and Jill Deasy
Bill DeJarlais
Jason Diamond
Kathryn Dillon
Bernadene and Dennis Dochnahl
David Dunn
Sandy and Will Dupleich
Mark and Melissa Eamer
Edward and Cim Edelstein
Noah Edelstein and Dianna Winegarden
Paul Elliott
John Emau
Holly Emmons
Tiffiny Evans
Jill Fagan
Sharesse Fowler
Jesse and Catherine Franklin
David Franzen and Heidi Feist
Kyle Freeman
Rob Gannon and Cathleen Collins
Faith Gant
Jordan and Carol Gates
Camille Gearhart and Timothy Burner
Stephanie Gebhardt
Jeff and Julie Gelfuso
Annette and Michael Hargett
Lucy Helm
Dennis and Karyn Higgins
Broady Hodder
Eric and Claire Hogan
Amy Holan and Daniel Conti
Lisa and William Holderman
Jonathan Holland
Ken and Tova Hornung
Christopher Johnson and Laurie Jerger Johnson
Karli Jorgensen and Thomas Everts
Daniel and Marilyn Keithly
Charles Kronbach
Diane Langstraat
Andrew and Donna Lee
Mark and Laura Lester
Carla Lewis
Mark Little
Howard Lowen
Alexander Macari
Jinhee Mack
Debra Madsen
Rowayne and Thomas Maguire
Bonnie Main and Richard Pichler
Alisha Mark
Jason May
Deanna and William McCoy
Jessica and Josh Amato
Megan Melo
Sue Merk
Elisabeth and Kit Merker
Arlene Mitchell
Clare and Robert Moe
Anna and Matthew Moore
Carl Morris and Sandrine Ducos
Jonathan Morrison and Lucy Davies
Steve Nicholes
Travis Osborne
Nancy Paine
Lawton and Stephen Penn
Jim and Lanette Peterson
Lisa Peterson and John Thuma
Donna Philips
Sherre and Greg Piantanida
Madelaine Pyatt
Michelle and Karl Quackenbush
Christopher and Heidi Rogers
Patrick Roux
Paul and Carroll Sanford
Mary and Richard Santi
Daniel Satterberg and Linda Norman
Ryan and Stephanie Schafer
Diana and Derek Schuetz
Tom Schultz
Jeff and Catherine Schwartz
Andrea and Kevin Scott
Karen and Dale Sharp
Susan Shaver
Stacy Shaw Welch, Ph.D
Marilyn Sherron
Kathryn Shields
Mark Sidran and Anais Winant
Devin Smith and Robin Moore
Dr. Donna Smith and Geoffrey Snyder
Sheri Southern and Karin Kroh
Pat and Mardi St. Laurent
Sarah Stann
Lorraine Steed
Mary Ellen Stone and Gary Mahn
Laura Swapp
David Tarshes and Deborah Kerdeman
Jeanna Taylor
Alexandra and William Thompson
Lynn Thomsen
Christa and John Tinker
Marc and Nancy Tollefson
Marcus and Jessica Trufant
Leslie and Ian Tubbs
Kari Tupper
Diane and John Ulacia
Marc von Holzen
Kathi White and Marcie Headen
Kelsey and Peter Wilson
DeAnn Yamamoto


April Pride
Kellie Anderson
Tod and Jennifer Anderson
Dominic Bacetich
Jean-Loup Baer and Diane Roseman-Baer
Dave and Holly Baker
Timothy and Andrea Barber
Mark and Heather Barbieri
John Bedard
Mark and Judith Benjamin
Diana Birkett Rakow and Jeffrey Rakow
Timothy Blood and Georgia Miller
Lynda and Robert Braunstein
G. Paul Brown
Michael and Sigrid Brunet
Laura Buckland
Collin Burnett
Kristy and Charles Butt
Craig Campbell
Maria Colacurcio
Shelly Crocker
Carlos Davis
Philip and Sharon Dawson
Kathleen Deakins
Betsy Dennis
Laura Domoto
Catherine Dovey and Kevin Cornwell
Linda and Rand Ebberson
Rev. Marvin Eckfeldt
Judy Ellis and Carl Ulmschneider
Marcia and Doug Evans
James Fitzgerald
Don Fleming and Elizabeth Hanna
Michele Matassa Flores
Sam Fosberg
Karen Friedman and Robert Snyder
Katie Gardner-Boehm and Matt Boehm
Joe and Terri Gassert
Susan and Robert Gellatly
Scott Gifford
Ann Godejohn
Roberta Goodnow and Daniel Lipkie
Candace Goodwin and Richard Rench
Mary Gotti
Thomas and Jeannene Gould
Carolyn Gray
Gary Gutierrez
Lynn and George Guttmann
Kelley Hall
David Hamilton
David Hill
Valerie and Justin Hill
Bryan Howard
James Howard
Stephen Huson
Winifred and Peter Hussey
Sean Ingalls
Judge Laura Inveen and Bill Shaw
Rebecca Johnson
John Jones and Noelle Daly-Jones
Diane Kappa and Steve Greimann
Hana Kato
Deborah and David Kennedy
Margaret Kineke and Dennis West
Margaret Knoepfler
Kiersten Knutson
Laura Koehn
Constance and Gus Kravas
Mary Lane
Eric Larson
Conor Law
Sandra Lew-Hailer
Kathy and Paul Loedler
Deidre and Douglas Luft
Laura and Robert Lurry
Larraine Lynch and Justin Slane
Anne Mace-Deines and Christopher Deines
Davida Marion
Jazmine Mays
Rose McCarty
Brooks McMahon
Danu McQuade
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery
Dan Menser
Richard Meyers
Aaron Miller
Kristian Miller
Janet and Douglas Moczulewski
Charles Norton
Dennis and Rhonda O’Leary
Mitchell Olejko and Jill Wolcott
Jane Orenstein
Stefanie Palaniuk
Susan Palmer
Stephanie Pommer
Gloria Pumphrey
Veronica Quinonez
Kathryn Raich and David Jones
Meenakshi Rishi
Susan Roe and James Shaker
James Rogers
William Romberger
Shawna and Dennis Ronald
Benjamin Santos and Happy Salinas-Santos
Steve and Pam Schwartz
Ana Shaughnessy
Joseph and Barbara Shickich
Linda Shigaki and Mark Baker
Sylvia Shiroyama
Andre Sidler
John and Laura Smiley
Joni Smith
Laura Smith
Jonathan Song
Stacy Spaulding
Susan Stead
Shannon Stokke
Vanessa Straus
James Sullivan
Kate Sullivan and Robert Denis
Anna Swanson
Theresa Tamura
Melissa Taylor
Karen and Michael Thorp
Eva Turella
Jose Ubeda and Georgina Raworth
Logan and Ashleigh Vessey
Bradford Volk
Victoria Vreeland
Sandy Wainwright
Katherine Walker-Nisbet
Deborah Wallace and William Adams
Ellen Wallach and Tom Darden
Susan Warwick
David Werblow
Jay Williamson
Mary Williamson and Kurt Kiefer
Fritz Wollett
The Honorable Dennis Yule (ret) and Lynda Yule
Lori Zoellner, Ph.D.

Up to $499

Theodore and Wynona Abber
Cabrelle Abel
Joy Acey
Patricia Adams and James Whitson
Avanti Adhia
Francisco Aguilera
Dona Ahern
Alexa Albert
Kristal Albertson
Mark Aldham
Donald and Sonna Alexander
Julia Algire
Alan Alhadeff
Beaudry Allen
Megan and Wayne Allen
Rachel Allen
Margaret Allison
Sarah and Robert Alsdorf
Erik Amezcua
Parisa Amiri Zander
Sarah Ammons
Annabeth Anderson
Barbara Anderson
Kristina Anderson
Richard Anderson
Theresa Anderson
Marie Andrews
Tilly Anne
Jessica Anthony
Cyndi Appelhof
Cameron Archibald
Susan and Edward Archibald
Tanya Armitage
Patrick Armstrong
Rod Armstrong
Sharon Armstrong
Eric Artz
Amy Asbury and Kevin Rogers
Ben Asher
Sybil Ashworth
David Askov
Mark Ausman
Mary Austin
Michelle Awasthi
Dan Ayala
Ronald Babb
Michele Bader
Patrick Bader
Rob Bahnsen
Robert Bahnsen
Aidan Baigrie
Polly Baird
Brooklyn Balke
Brenda Balyeat
Jessep Bangham
Heather Banks
Manuel Baquero
Mike Barer
Matt Barmore and Nancy Hanson
Kathleen Barnes
Mary Barrett
Mike Barrett
Nick Barrett
Thomas Barrett
Maureen Barton
Sarah Basheer
Michelle Basler
Tim Baston
Tinku Basu and Michael Smith
Mary and Charles Bateman
Lynne Bateson
Elizabeth Bauerle
Jacqueline Baumann
Christopher Bayley
Holly Bays
Jean Bean
Neil Beaver
Melissa Becker
Melinda Becker-Flotlin and Ric Flotlin
Carole Beckwith
Candi Beckwith-Jones
Kneishia Beckwith-Vinson
Frances Bedard
Michele Bedard-Gilligan
Jessica Belmont
Cindy and Mark Benezra
Michael Benkel
Annika Bennett
Jim Bennett
David Benoff
Marc Berejka
Lucille Berentsen
Felicia Bergman
Avanti and Steven Bergquist
Brandon Bermudez
Karen Besserman
Dana Bettinger
Jennifer Biely
Elizabeth Bird
Christi Bishop
Robyn Bishop
James Bjerklie
Irene Bjorklund
Alicia and Eric Black
Baxter Black
Elizabeth Blue
William and Kay Smith-Blum
William Bodick
Sabrina Boliau
Sarah Boling
Michael Bond
Antoinette Bonsignore
Carrie Booth
Aaron Bosley
Shirley Bossier
Kathy Bowen
Sally Bowie
Morgan Bradford
Margaret Bradly
Alice Brandt
Amy Brandt
William and Rachel Brandt
Casey Bresin
Heidi Brevet
Sheila Breysse
Jessica Briere
Charlotte Brill
Dannetta Brim
Hans Brinkhoff
Marnix Brinkhoff
Ariane Brito
Timothy Brochu
Debra Brockman
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Fabienne and Herbert Brooks
Dinece Browne
Emily Browne
Annie Bruck
David Brumbaugh
Krista and Benjamin Bryan
Anne Bryant
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Deanne Buck
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Lida and Kyle Buckner
Paul Bucknor
Terra and Paul Buelow
Carla Bueno
Kerem Bulbul
Kathi and Terry Bulfin
Mary Bullard
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Nanette Bultemeier
Amber Burch
Lauren Burgon
Nikki Burr
Krista Bush and Sean Howe
Erin Bushell
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Kelsey Butchcoe
John and Renee Butts
Regina Cahan and Howard Schneiderman
Kari Calderon
Daneen Calvin and Deanna Long
Jennifer Cameron
Natalie Campbell
Gabby Campos
Lauren Cannon
Orlando Cano
Judge Gregory Canova and Barbara Linde
Jaime Cantara
Christina Cardenas
Karen Cardoza
Chaya Carey
Paul Carlson and Shawn Hanson
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Carla and Terence Carlstrom
Emily Carnahan
Angelo Carosio
Tom Carpenter
Terrence and Diane Carroll
Rob Carson
Liz Carter
John Cary
Lisa Caviness
Myzz Cee
HC Chamberlin
Sarah Chambers
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John Charles
Debra Chase
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Wendy Chisholm
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Chris Clack
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Gwen and Aaron Colwell
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King County Executive Dow Constantine
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Emma Denman
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Yagnavalkya Devarakonda
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Gillian Didier
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Olga Diupina
Richard Dobyns and Jean Gorecki
Suzanne Dolberg
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Julia and Mike Donnelly
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Chelle Doza
Daniel Drais and Jane Mills
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Rebecca and Chris Drew
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Deputy County Executive Fred Jarrett
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Theresa Lindow
Katherine Lindsey
Carolyn Lindsley
Monet Lion
Ashlie Little
Peggy Little
Janelle Littlejohn
Michele Livingston
J.D. Lloyd & Julia Leonas
Asbury Lockett
Linda Lockwood
Caroline Loe
Delanie LoFranco
Danell Loftin Arvberger
Susan Loggins
Samuel Logozzo
Kendra Long
Megan Long
Jon Lopez and Dorene Gould
Pamela Lopez
Adriana Lopez-Esteban
Dana Lorenze
Jennifer Loughborough
Jenn Loutey
Ellen Love and Ben Miller
Valerie Love
Linda Lowden
Jennifer Lowe
Ellen Lubbers
Brian Luckey
Stacy Luckey
Tori Luckey
Terri Luken and Donald Raz
Ryan Luquette
Lori Luttman
Shanon Lynch
Judge Nicole MacInnes
Alasdair Mackintosh
Nicole Macri
Angela Madill Burgess
Cindy Madrid
Christine Madrid-Wynecoop
Michael and Karin Madwed
David and Susan Maehren
Stacie Magelssen
Martha Maginniss
Chris Mah
Martin Maisonpierre
Bruce Malcolm
Devin Malone
Michele Manber
Kirby Mangold
Lynn Manley and Alexander Lindsey
Stacy Marchesano
Marlena Marie
Rachel Marie
Larry Mark
Amy Marko
Dana Marmion and Kent Breidenstein
Sarah Marquez Cutts
Jennifer Marshall
Joel Martell
Andrea and Brian Martin
Heather Martin
Laura Martin
Laurel Martin
Mathew Martineau
Brittnee and Michael Martinez
Colleen Martinson
Sheila and William Marty
Carol Masnik
Sharon Mast
Greg Masters
Masumi Matsumoto
Cecilia Matta
Leanne Matteson
John Matthews
Ryan Mattos
Michael Maves
Carolyn Maxim
Marcie Maxwell
Laura and Damon May
Nancy Maynard
Ronald Maze
Kathryn McCafferty
Christina McCartin
Marina McCauley
Jason McClain
Kaye McClellan
Councilmember Joe McDermott
Ashley McDonald
Lucy McDowell
Marsha McDowell
Victoria McDowell
Michael McGrath
Camille McGruder
Amanda McKay
Chris McKeever
Jennifer McKenzie
Elizabeth McLafferty
Carol McMillen
Eva McMullen
Jonathan and Lisa McQuade
Cindy McRoberts and Ed Walker
Amy McRory
Kelli McSherry
Meghan McSorley
Sugandh Mehta
Leigh Meier
Marinda Melonson
Elizabeth Melton
Sheryl Melvin
Samuel Mendez
Marijo Mendoza
Kathleen Menzies
Scott Menzies
Jamie Merrill
Christina Messer
Bill Messmer
Anna Michelle
Joel Migdal
Mark Mikols
Madeleine Mikos
Edward Miller
Shont and Katrina Miller
Ellen and Edward Milles
Paige Mills
Betty Lee Minckler
Paul Ming
Judyth Mirante
Dian Mitchell
Greg and Tammy Mitchell
McKenzie Mitchell
Mary Mittell
Christina Miyamasu
Tyler Mjelde
Curran Mody
Jeffrey Moen
Michael Mohandeson
Savannah Mohazzabfar
Samuel Wineburg and Susan Monas
Peggy Mongovin Barstow
Joanna Monroe
Sajey Moongamackal
Charles and Kari Moore
Erin Moore
Kris Moore
Kristine Moore
Marisa Moore
Matthew Mooty
Caroline Moran
Eileen Moreland
Aileen Morris
Jayson Morris
Jacob Morrison
Daniel Moss
LeAnne Moss
Mahrukh Motafram
Chris Mower
Melinda Moznette
Mirna Mujacic
Brad Muller
Elizabeth Mulligan
Renee Mulligan
Heidi Munson
Ali Murphy
Elizabeth Mustard
Micheii Nading
Catherine Nagle McKenzie
Heather Nason
Katherine Nassans
Vijay Natarajan
Misty Nault Godbolt
Christopher Neal
Jessica Neilson
Anna Joyce and Richard Nelson
Bonnie Nelson
Cheryl Nelson
Jaimee Nelson
Laura and Michael Nelson
Mark Nelson
Mark and Julie Nelson
Matty Nelson
Anne Nergaard
Jessica Nevers
Jason Newquist
Diane Nguyen
Erin Nicholson
Andreea Niculescu
Brittny Nielsen
Kerry Niles
Allison Niver
Judy and Steve Niver
Michael Nixon
Corey Nommensen
Joe Norcio
Erin Norgaard
Victor Obeso
Heide O’Connell
Michael O’Connell
Robert and Kay O’Connell
Dylan O’Connor
Sara O’Connor-Kriss
Michael and Valerie O’Halloran
Amy O’Hearn
Lorna Oldham
Kris Olin
Randall and Terra Olsen
Roselyn Olson
Sheryl Olson
Sage Omatic
William Oppenheim
Dylan Ordoñez
Michele and William Orr
Bethany Osborne
Lyll O’Shaughnessy and Thomas Demlow
William Osmer
Jessica Ost
Kari Oswold
Kari Overson
Matthew Owings
Rafael Padilla
Ellen Paek
Alice Paine
Haley Palamos
Union Palenshus
Jane Palmer
Laura Palmer
Richard Palmer
Robert Palmer
Christine Palumbo Craig
Julie Pan
Bhalchandra Pandit
Karen Pang
Stephen Paolini
Zephry Paquette
James Paribello
Nancy Parrish
Margaret Pate
Jaimie Patneaude
Julianne Patten
Emma Patterson
Kathleen Paul
Jordan Pauli
Justine Pavone
Elizabeth Pearson
Daniel Peck
Sarah Pelandini
Matias Pelenur
Walter Pelett
Jennifer Pellerin
Elena Pellicer
Cassie Pemberton
Jenn Penn
Lori Penor
Thia Penta
Marie Pereda
Dorothy Perez
Michelle Peria
Fachon Perry
George Perry
Kenneth Perry
Elisha Person
Pamela Peters
Chad Petersen
Lauren Petersen
Melissa Petersen
Alanna Peterson
Kemp Peterson
Lindsey Peterson
LP Peterson
Nancy Peterson
Becky Petross
Crystal Phelps
Jennifer Phillips Taylor
Sarah Philp
Michael Pierson
Andrea Piper-Wentland
Abigail Pishaw
Jean Pishaw
Janette Plunkett
Daniel Poliak
Sara Pope
Lisa and Brad Porter
Isabelle Portilla
Lisa Portin
Debra Powell
Tara Pozo
Barbara Price
John Prochaska
Alison Puma
Stephanie Pure
Janet Putnam
Julia Putnam
Christine Putur
Paul and Barbara Quay
Stacey Quintella
Jennifer Quiroz
Marni Rachmiel
Carol and Pete Radochonski
Monica Rae
Marley Rall
Bridget Ralston
Eva Ramirez
Guadalupe Ramirez
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Margit Rankin
Harsha Rao
Gail Ratley
Tali Rausch
Jo-Hanna Read
Madeline Read
Michele Rebert
Leslie Redd
Laurel and Kevin Redden
Carolyn Reddy
Bridgette Reed
Doris Reeves
Diane Reischling
Emily Reiser
Susan and Alan Reiter
Keyara Renee
Mercedes Renee
Alexa Resler
Jessica Resler
Vanessa Resler
John Rheinberger
Mardie Rhodes
Constance Rice
Nadine Rich
Jennifer and Jeffrey Richards
Joshua Richardson
Valery Richardson
Jason Stoff and Angela Rickard
Kathleen Rigby
Kathleen Riley
Kachine Risher
Betsy Rivera
Lannie Robert Nassans
Jennifer Roberts
John Roberts
Amanda Robins
June Robinson
Stacey Robinson
Judith Robison
Albert Robles
Susan and Robert Rochat
Sally Rochelle
Mary Roden
Victoria Rodgers
Sarah Rogers Dunbar
Karen and Ken Roll
Carla Rose
Erin Rose
Jackie Rosenblatt
Peter Rosencrans and Becca Rudin
Elisa Ross
Julie Ross
Harriet Round
Erika Ruberry and Adam Goldfarb
Jane Ruberry
Stephanie Rudat Stevens
Montine Rummel
Montine Rummel
Laura Rupert
Shaina Sabatine
Sharat Sakala
Marcy Salo
Judy Salter
Memen Sanchez
Lauren and Philip Sancken
Allison Satko
Jennifer Sayrs
Melissa Scanlan
Joshua Schaer
Judith and Ray Schafer
Mary Schafer
Elizabeth Schiltz
Cassandra Schletz
Erica and Philip Schmucker
Philip Schmucker
Julia Schneider
Patrick Schneider
Helena Schoetzow
Aurelia Schroeder
Teresa Schultz
Beth Schuppe
Wes Scott
Grant Scull
Dave Seabrook
Natalie Seaton
Jennifer Seffernick
Jenny Senh and Jeremy Nelson
Kevin Sepkowski
Doree Shandera
Meredith and Craig Shank
Kerry Shannon
Sabina Shapiro
William Sharick
Bradley Alan Shaw
Amy Shen
Amy Shepherd
Daniel and Teresa Shields
Cassie Short
Kayla Shovlowsky
Robert Shovlowsky
Steven Shulman
Jenny Shultz
Beth Sigall
Max Silverman
Pamela Simmons
Brandy Simms
Nancy Simon
Jennifer Simons
Nicolie Simonson
Dorothy Simpson
Elliot Simpson
Teresa Simpson
Lowell Skoog
Stephanie Slagel
Gary Slotnik
Douglas Smith
Jo-Ellen Smith
Julie Smith
Leslie Smith
Mark Smith
Michael Smith
Sherry Smith and Matthew Huston
Terry Smith
Brenda Snyder
Don Sodora
Nicole Soley
Myrian Solis coronel
Wendy Soohoo
Katherine Spengler
Erika Spongberg
Jessica St Germain
Paul St Laurent
Eileen St. John
Brianna Stahl
Dr. Shannon Staples and Melissa Russell
Chris Starr
Elizabeth Stasio
Anthony Staulcup
Al Stelly
Erica Stephens
Carolyn Stevens
Melissa Stevens
Valerie Stiger
Rich and Julie Stillman
Kara Stone
Lynette Storer
George Storrs
Winnie Stratton
Daniel Strauss
Jessie Strauss
Lindsey Strickland
Lynn Stromski
Michelle Stroud
Melissa Stuart
Allison Sturges
Kristy Sturges
Laura Stutsman
Jolynn Suko
Gina Sullivan
Jeffrey and Patsy Sullivan
Kathryn Sullivan
Sean Sullivan
Sheehan and Peter Sullivan-Finch
Ann and John Summers
Kumara Sundar
Mike Susz
Michelle Sutterfield
Aravind Swaminathan
Kiana Swearingen
Bobbye Sweat
Kim Swift
Victoria Szydlowski
Kambria Tabor
Carol Tagayun
Tak Takahashi
Daniel Tapiahernandez
Stephen Tarnoff
Catherine Taylor
Diane Hess Taylor
Jolene Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Susan Taylor
Bunly Tep
Caitlin Thatcher
Ali Thomas
Cynthia and Paul Thomas
Maribeth and Ryan Thomas
Rob Thomas and Sue Reichert
Christine Thomas Flores
Tracy Thomas Robinson
Emily Thompson
Grace Thompson and Chris Faulkner
Jade Thompson
Jenny Thompson
Linda Thompson
Mark Thompson
Mary Thompson
Malia Threadgill
Matthew Thurston
Jennifer Tininenko and Matthew Rarity
Carolyn Tipler
Sarah Titcomb
Steven TJr
Judith Tobin
Heather Tompkins
Lilia Torres
Carolyn Town
Brian Tracy
Yael Traum
Ginny Trethewey
Lisa Trifiletti
Toni Troutner
Marilyn Trowbridge
Nicole Ann Trueb
Anna Tsai
Tyler Tucker
Emmett Tullar
Melissa Tumas
Laura Turczanski
Nancy and David Turner
Bobbie Twite
Dana Twyman
Christine Uberti
Zachary Uhrich
Page Ulrey
Gregory Uratsu
Janis and Rodney Utley
Janeth Valdez
Helen Valenstein-Mah
Jeffrey and Margie Van Duzer
Robert Van Horn
Loren VandenBerghe
Alison Varco
Matthew Varelia
Jaime Vargas
Michelle Vaughan
Michelle Vaughan
Ramakrishna Vedullapalli
Diana Verne
Delaney Vesperman
Cheryl Vessey-Prieto
Sol Villarreal
Carol Villazon
Alfred Vinson
Angie and Philip Virnoche
Andrea Vitalich
Stephen Vitalich
George and Angeline von Fuchs
Daniel Waggoner
Patricia and Edward Wagner
Susan Wagner
Judith Wagonfeld
Jeff Walker
Jeffery Walker
Marc Walker
Rosemary Walker
Brittney Walker-Higgins
Zoe Walker-Neff
Johanne Wall
Glen Wallace
Jennifer Wallace
Carolyn Wallis
Mary Walls
Dale Wampler
Laurie Wandler
Andrew Wappler
Ella Ward
Jeff Ward
Toby Bright and Nancy Ward
Susan Ward-Moynihan
Kit Warfield
Jacob Warwick
Jeff Washburn
Bradley Waters
Veronica Waters
Jerilayne Waxman
Emma Weaver
Ellen Webb
Marie Webster
Alyssa Weed
Rachel Weigelt
Alexis Weil
Rachel Weiner
Elizabeth Weinstein
Scott Weissman
Laurie Westberg
Nina Westerberg
Myron and Joella Weybright
Kelly Weyer
Amy White
Anita White
Judith White
Rober White
Tricia White
Shana Whitelock
Tayler Whitfield
Kristen Wickoda
Peter Wickstrand
Mary Lou and James Wickwire
Kirsten Wiens
Will Wilcox
Tiffany Wilk Chang
Annette and Kenny Williams
Carrie Williams
Kristina Williams
Mary Williams
Patricia Williams
Kathryn Williams Bamford and Doug Bamford
Margie Willis
Katherine Wilson
Kristine Wilson
Rachel Wilson
Caroline Winkie
Helen Winkler
Ashley Wolf
Burke Wong
Christine Wood
Jessica Wood
Judith Woods
Christina Woolery
Marion Woyvodich
Autumn Wright
Barbara Wright
Kevin Wright and Patti Goodall
Celia Wu
Bianca Wulwick
Erika Wunderlich
Matthew Wurdeman
Teresa Wyman
Liz Wynn
Brian Wynne
Jill Yamagiwa and Josh Kroman
Tauni Yarnell
Sarah and Bryan Yates
Ann Yoo
Megan Yoshimura
Sara Young and William Kim
Sunny Young
Morgan Youngs
Ami Zahajko
Kimberly Zaidberg
Gordon and Betty Zander
Ava Zatanaz
Barbara Zeff
Betsy and Charles Zeifman
Father Gary Zender
Jenny Zenner
Zhuqing Zhang
Rebecca Ziebell
Julie Ziegler
Kyle Zinter
Jenny Ziv
Carri-Ann Zizman
Megan Zmak
Spring Zoog and Richard Marks
Marisa Zylkowski


Lenore Hanauer Foundation
Neukom Family Foundation
Seattle Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

Brettler Family Foundation
The Chisholm Foundation
William B Collins Fund
Joseph Mallahan
Medina Foundation
Microsoft Corporation

$10,000 - $24,999

Archdiocese of Seattle
The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation
Boeing Employees Community Fund
Byron and Alice Lockwood Foundation
First Financial Northwest Foundation
The Glaser Foundation
Hasbro Children’s Fund – Wizards of the Coast
The Norcliffe Foundation
OneFamily Foundation
RealNetworks Foundation
Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Stolen Youth

$5,000 - $9,999

Alaska Airlines, Inc.
Allegro Pediatrics
Biella Foundation
Charter Construction, Inc.
Davidson Family Foundation
Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP
HD Fowler Company
Julie Kays
Kaiser Permanente
King County Metro
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Nesholm Family Foundation
Renton Regional Community Foundation
Schlemlein Fick & Franklin, PLLC
Vulcan Inc.
Washington Gastroenterology
Washington State Association for Justice

$2,500 - $4,999

Adobe Systems, Inc.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Columbia Bank
Committee for Children
Delivery Express Logistics Inc.
HKM Employment Attorneys LLP
Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc.
Rausch Family Fund
Symetra Financial
Jeffris Wood Foundation

Up to $2,499

AmazonSmile Foundation
Apex Foundation
Benefits Management Group, Inc.
The Brewmasters Taproom
Bungie Inc.
Cairncross & Hempelmann, P.S.
Casey Family Programs
Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Combined Federal Campaign of North Puget Sound
Davis Polk
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Envestnet Asset Management, Inc.
Expedia, Inc.
Google Inc.
Intel Foundation
Jacobson Jarvis & Co.
Liberty Mutual
McKinstry Co. Charitable Foundation
OneHope Foundation
Rotary Club of Renton
Snodgrass Annand PLLC
Storer Enterprises, Inc dba
Swanson Gardner Meyers, PLLC
TAEO Charitable Fund
Timberland Bank


ACT Theater
Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle
Alaska Airlines, Inc.
Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour
Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP
Pagliacci Pizza
Schlemlein Fick & Franklin, PLLC
Target Corporation
The Seattle Times
Woodland Park Zoo

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