person with long brown hair red shirt on blue cloud with green megaphone illustrating Sexual Assault Awareness and Action Month

April is
Sexual Assault
Awareness & Action Month

Sexual Assault Awareness & Action Month (SAAM) is a chance to raise awareness about sexual violence, educate communities and individuals on how to prevent it, and bolster prevention efforts throughout the year. KCSARC participates in this campaign each year, standing with organizations nationwide to highlight sexual violence as a public health, human rights and social justice issue and to reinforce the need for prevention efforts.

Ways to get involved during SAAM 2023

Make April 4 a day of action 

  • Show survivors you support them by wearing teal, the color of sexual violence prevention
  • Join KCSARC’s BE LOUD Club 
  • Post on social media to spread awareness and information.  Follow and share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. 
  • Strengthen your upstander skills: Listen to this episode of The Link to Prevention podcast to learn how to hear and respond to a disclosure of sexual assault in a way that starts someone’s healing process.

Resources for learning and sharing
that can make a difference during SAAM — and beyond:

  • Know where to find help in your community about sexual violence. For immediate help or information, our 24-hour Resource Line is available. Or find more information and resources here.
  • Read up and share some of KCSARC’s resources with your network: 

425.282.0324 — Ayuda en Español

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Donate Now

888.998.6423 — 24/7 Resource Line

Free and confidential / Call for help or information 24 hours a day