September 13, 2017

Mayor Murray's resignation again puts sexual assault, and the victims of assault, in the headlines.

With four decades of experience listening to and helping victims of sexual assault, we know:

  • Reluctance to speak out about the experience is the norm - especially for male victims;

  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual assault have a very difficult time bringing forward events that took place decades ago;

  • A desire to put the assault aside and "move on" is the way many victims cope;

  • Individuals with mental health or drug/alcohol issues are particularly vulnerable to assault, and behavioral health impacts themselves may stem from abuse; and

  • False reports are rare.

The reports of assaults by Mayor Murray mirror those our staff hear every day. While we will never know exactly what happened, Mayor Murray's decision to step down is the right one.

The events of the past several months reinforce that:

  • Victims deserve support and respect in speaking out about their experience, regardless of who they are or who the offender is; and

  • Prevention is possible.

We must make sure our children and youth have consistent and on-going messages that encourage relationships based on respect and consent. They need to see gender roles and norms that value mutuality, not exploitation, and they need to know adults in their lives can talk about these issues.

KCSARC has resources that can help adults talk about this, including 100 Conversations and He Told Me Not to Tell.

KCSARC exists to help victims and their families recover and reclaim their lives. We are available to anyone who wants information or assistance because of a sexual assault. And if we can't provide the right type of help, we will find someone who can.

Call us: 888.99.VOICE.


Mary Ellen Stone, Executive Director



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