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Dando Voz

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KCSARC provides free, confidential services for victims of sexual assault and their families in the Spanish-speaking community. The Dando Voz (Giving Voice) program offers all of KCSARC’s current services for victims of sexual assault in Spanish, including general advocacy, child advocacy, legal advocacy, medical advocacy, parent education and therapy.

KCSARC has been providing legal advocacy to Spanish-speaking clients since 1998. In 2006, we began providing child advocacy, medical advocacy, therapy, and parent education to the Spanish-speaking population.  In 2007, KCSARC began to develop our innovative Spanish-speaking program, Dando Voz (Giving Voice), for victims of sexual assault and their families in the Spanish-speaking community. This program was created in order to better understand the unique needs of Spanish-speaking clients, respect the diversity within the Spanish-speaking community, and recognize the impact of systemic obstacles. With the many potential challenges Spanish-speaking clients face today, it is extremely important for KCSARC to offer culturally relevant services in Spanish. Having bilingual advocates, parent educators, and therapists on staff is critical for providing appropriate services.

To order copies of the following publications in Spanish, please call 425.282.0332, or email

  • Creando relaciones saludables / Creating Healthy Relationships

  • Decidir lo que se debe hacer cuando una/un amiga/o necesite ayuda / Deciding What to do When a Friend Need Help

  • Ponga fin a la violencia sexual / Ending Sexual Violence

  • ACTÚE por sus niños / ACT for your Kids

  • Si le sucede a usted / If it Happens to You

  • A veces bromear no es divertido es acoso sexual / Sometimes Joking Isn't Funny, It's Sexual Harassment

  • Reducir el riesgo de los niños bajo nuestro cuidado / Reducing the Risk for Children in Our Care

  • Respeto / Respect

  • Sobrevivir la agresión sexual / Surviving Sexual Assault

  • Considerando las relaciones / Thinking About Relationships

  • ¿Cuál es el próximo paso? / What's Next?

  • Alguien que usted conoce puede lastimarle / You Can be Hurt by Someone You Know