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Bullying and Harassment

KCSARC focuses on bullying as one of the areas in which youth experience violence and harrassment and contributes to a larger culture that is supportive of sexual violence. Bullying prevention efforts focus on treating others with respect and empathy and building positive social norms.

Some Facts About Bullying
Young people who are bullied are:

  • Three times as likely to bring a weapon to school.

  • Two times as likely to consider suicide.

  • More likely to self-harm.

  • More likely to use drugs heavily.

(source: Public Health Data Watch, 2002, Seattle-King County Department of Public Health)

Some Facts about Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or engaging in other forms of social aggression using the Internet or other digital technologies with intent to harass, intimidate, torment, or embarrass.

  • May be used separately or in conjunction with other forms of bullying to harass and intimidate the target.

  • Bullying and harassment may be perpetrated any time day or night with increased anonymity.

  • Due to the nature of cyberspace hurtful messages and rumors may be spread to large numbers of individuals rapidly.

Positive Changes
In 2002, the Washington State Legislature passed the Safe Schools/Bullying Act as a way to encourage school districts across the state to create proactive policies and measures to protect children.

Conversations in the toolkit 100 Conversations have more information around the topic of bullying.

KCSARC created an interactive "Exploring Friendships Resource Handbook" to help adults who work with youth facilitate an on-going dialogue about issues such as friendship, bullying, diversity, and stereotypes. The handbook can be used as a stand-alone resource inside and outside a classroom setting.

Exploring Friendships Resource Handbook (pdf)

KCSARC is OSPI certified to provide OSPI clock hours for in-service training to school staff. We can provide technical assistance to staff who want to integrate these activities into an existing curriculum.

Other Bullying Resources