Federal budget cuts would harm victims of sexual assault

Federal budget cuts would harm victims of sexual assault

While not cutting programs that directly assist victims of sexual assault, we are dismayed to see the President proposing massive reductions in Medicaid (which many of our clients depend on) as well as eliminating the Legal Services Corporation, which provides critical legal aid. 

We are working with our colleagues to underscore the impacts of these proposed cuts and make sure victims’ voices are heard.

Join us in opposing these cruel cuts:

Dear WA State Members of Congress:

On behalf of the tens of thousands of vulnerable and victimized people our agencies and organizations serve we urge you to oppose the cruel cuts proposed in President Trumps’ 2018 budget.

The President’s budget would decimate vital programs our clients depend on. We strongly endorse this statement from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

Victims and survivors rely on many of the social safety net and entitlement programs this budget proposes to cut or to entirely eliminate. Cutting these programs will trap victims and survivors in abusive relationships and create barriers to healing.

For example, many low-income victims and survivors rely on Medicaid to access health care. Currently, all Americans who are eligible for Medicaid have access, but this budget recommends letting states choose between making Medicaid a block grant or receiving a per capita payment. Such a plan would remove tens of millions of people from Medicaid, including many victims and survivors, reduce benefits such as mental health access, and allow states to divert funding from healthcare to fill gaps in their budgets.

Victims and survivors rely on Medicaid and other federal programs to access the physical and mental health care they need to heal. It also creates significant barriers to accessing safety for victims and survivors with critical medical needs who rely on their abuser's insurance for their health care.

This budget also drastically cuts other programs that empower victims and survivors economically to leave their abusers such as SNAP (food stamps), Social Security Disability, Community Block Grants, heating assistance, and many other safety net programs on which victims, survivors, their children, and millions of other hardworking Americans rely.

It also eliminates the Legal Services Corporation, which provides legal aid to countless victims and survivors.

Furthermore, this budget raids the Crime Victims Fund to pay for other programs, including $1.3 billion that is 'permanently reduced'.

This budget will do real damage to our most vulnerable citizens and is completely inconsistent with the values of Washington State.

We ask you to speak out against this budget and join us in working for its defeat. Signed by the leaders and communities of:

We can continue to provide services to victims of sexual violence and advocate for state and national change because of your support. Donate today.


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