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Prevention – Education – Intervention – Treatment



In 2011 KCSARC launched The Phoenix Project, a partnership with YouthCare (funded through the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women) to serve homeless youth impacted by sexual assault.  We developed an innovative approach to addressing youths' trauma symptoms through a combination of trauma-specific therapy and case management. Outcomes were very positive, with youth who completed the program recording the following progress:

  • 93% improved their housing situation
  • 92% gained an understanding of how the experience was negatively impacting them
  • 70% experienced symptom reduction or elimination – a life altering result that frees youth to address other aspects of their lives
  • 58% enrolled in school, a GED program, job training program, or secured a job
  • 57% obtained permanent, safe housing
  • 85% completed therapy, an unprecedented completion rate for youth homeless


Due to the success of the pilot project, KCSARC is expanding the scope to include additional services as well as an increased presence in east and north King County. Elements of Project360 include: 

  • Trauma-specific therapy
  • Case management
  • Legal advocacy
  • Prevention education and safety planning
  • Training in trauma intervention for adults serving homeless youth
  • Formation of early intervention & response teams to help alternative high schools and law enforcement more effectively identify and refer youth in need
  • Youth prevention groups to mobilize youth who are homeless as part of the solution to preventing sexual assault, including sexual exploitation among their peers



Partners on Project360 include:

   - YouthCare

   - Friends of Youth

   - Redmond Police Department

   - Interagency Academy/Seattle School District

   - Riverview Learning Center/Riverview School District

Northwest Network will consult with partners on issues relating to youth identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ).

Why it Matters

  • King County is ranked 7th in the country for homeless youth populations.
  • Untreated sexual assault is a major cause of youth homelessness, with more than 40% impacted by this violence before they become homeless.
  • Untreated, youth are more likely to remain homeless and are at greater risk of additional sexual assault or exploitation on the streets.
  • Despite the strong connection between sexual assault, youth homelessness, and trauma-related mental health issues, conventional research and most providers accepted the idea that homeless youth were poor candidates for trauma-specific therapy since their unstable situations would constantly interrupt progress.
  • KCSARC is one of the few organizations in the country addressing the trauma resulting from sexual assault with youth who are homeless and is partnering with two leading organizations serving homeless youth -- YouthCare and Friends of Youth.


Anticipated Service Numbers for the Three Year Project


Project Component

Total Served


Prevention work with youth

104 youth

Prevention work with parents/caregivers

100 parents/caregivers


Case Management

300 youth

Legal Advocacy

125 youth



200 youth


Early Intervention & Response Teams (EIRT)

Monthly/quarterly mtgs + 4-6 trainings