Get Involved

Get Involved

We have seen the issues of sexual assault and harassment dominate the news in a way that has never happened in the past. Survivors are speaking out. Conversations about consent and rape culture are reaching major news outlets in ways they never have before. 

These conversations are energizing—and they remind us that we still have work to do. We are always here, advocating for victims of sexual violence. And we need your help.


1. JOIN US for Sexual Assault Awareness Month this April. Find out how to get involved.

2. ADVOCATE for victims and their families. Let people know you support and believe victims of sexual assault and their families, both in person and online. Share KCSARC’s website and social media (FacebookInstagram). If someone needs assistance or support, encourage them to call our 24-Hour Resource Line at 888.99.VOICE.

3. STAY INFORMED by subscribing to our newsletter. Add your email address to our list of supporters now. You will receive monthly updates from us with more information about how to get involved.

4.SUPPORT victims with a donation to KCSARC. Make your contribution today. Help victims, provide prevention programming, and advocate for changes to public policy in Washington State.

5. CALL your legislators in Olympia. Urge them to pass a Sexual Assault Protection Order Bill (HB 1384/SB 5256) in the 2017 session. We need your voice to help pass this legislation in 2017. Read more about the 2017 Legislative session here, and sign up to receive legislative updates via email by contacting

Who to call: Your Representatives and your Senators. Find your legislator’s phone number by entering your address.

What to say: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m your constituent from [LOCATION]. I’m calling on behalf of all victims of rape and sexual assault. Victims of sexual assault deserve the same protection from perpetrators as other victims of crime. It’s time to pass a Sexual Assault Protection Order bill that protects victims of rape and sexual assault from perpetrators in the same way other victims of crime are protected. I ask that you make passing this bill one of your top priorities. Please let me know how you plan to vote. I can be reached at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

6. TALK to the young people in your life about consent and healthy relationships. Use He Told Me Not To Tell (for conversations with children) and 100 Conversations (for conversations with youth) to guide your discussions. Distribute these resources to other adults.

7. VOLUNTEER with CourtWatch. Gather data about the court system and help us improve the court process for victims of sexual violence. Find our application packet here.