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Introducing KCSARC Speakers Bureau members


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A family’s new normal: Stephanie’s story


“As a parent, walking alongside your children’s sexual abuse story and recovery is tough.”


Amanda Nguyen keynotes Vẽ Về Sức Mạnh Của Chúng Ta Ngày 29 Tháng 9


“Mọi người không chỉ là những gì đã xảy ra với họ. Đó là những gì bạn làm về nó. " - Amanda Nguyễn

Bài phát biểu của Amanda gây quỹ từ Sức mạnh của Chúng ta vào ngày 29 tháng 9. Tìm hiểu thêm về nhà vô địch tuyệt vời này cho quyền sống sót!

24-hour support, just a call away


"Resource Line, tôi có thể giúp gì cho bạn?"

Sáu từ đó đã kết nối hơn 3.600 người gọi vào năm ngoái với sự trợ giúp và thông tin họ cần sau một vụ tấn công tình dục.

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Among the backlog of cases in King County Superior Court are 408 sexual assault victims who have been waiting an average of 563 days from the time the defendant in their case was arraigned.

Earning accreditation

03.25.21 | By Mary Ellen Stone

We’re pleased to report that KCSARC once again has been awarded accreditation, as it has since the process was established.

Cindy’s BE LOUD story


Justice system must work for all survivors


We believe Black lives matter, and we stand with Black, Indigenous and and people of color. As elected officials make decisions about police funding, they must offer a clear vision of how changes will affect sexual assault victims who are participating in the criminal justice system.

Racism and sexual violence


For too long, unaddressed personal, interpersonal, institutional and structural racism has provided fertile ground for violence, including sexual violence.

To survivors and our community

05.08.20 | By Mary Ellen Stone

We will never waiver from our core commitment to survivors, and that commitment transcends politics. Our openness to hearing a survivor’s truth should not be based on who the perpetrator is. Making that calculation diminishes the experience of all survivors.

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