Thank you for your partnership

2022-23 Impact Report

KCSARC’s mission is to dar voz to victims, their families and communities, to crear cambio in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about sexual violence, and infundir coraje for people to speak out about sexual assault.

Thank you for your partnership and belief in our mission.

Each survivor we assist experiences the healing power that a strong community of support delivers.
Together, we continue to create profound change in the way survivors perceive their experience, replacing shame, fear and silence with restored agency, empowerment and hope.
And with your support, we’ve expanded our prevention work in schools and communities to keep shifting attitudes and behaviors that lead to sexual assault, and, importantly, address trauma that exists.
We’re pleased to report back on our work over the last year — one that has challenged and energized KCSARC’s board and staff as our long-time founding CEO Mary Ellen Stone prepares to retire.

Update from Board President Marilyn Sherron

“Each member of our Board is meaningfully engaged and invested in our nationwide search and transition planning.”
-Marilyn Sherron, Board President

In their words: Empowered Voices

One thing that motivates many survivors to come forward is wanting to prevent sexual assault from happening to others.
KCSARC’s Empowered Voices program provides a platform for survivors and their supportive family members who wish to share their experience in meaningful ways. Their voice helps other survivors understand they are not alone and instills courage in others to speak out about sexual violence.
In 2022, this program, formerly known as Speakers Bureau, provided training and support for an inspiring group of survivors to speak out.
Members participated in media interviews, testified before legislators, and spoke at events such as KCSARC’s BE LOUD Breakfast, webinars and other gatherings.
Their dedication to helping others is inspiring. It is our honor to work with them, and to share with you some of what they say KCSARC has meant to them, in their own words, throughout this report.
Empowered Voices member wearing a multicolored floral blouse, holding a small white dog with a multi-tiered rock waterfall in background
“I found the power to live my life in happiness!”


Empowered Voices member wearing a orange and white striped v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans with beagle puppy on lap on a dark green plaid blanket on grass with pink potted begonias and forested green background
“I found the power to speak up for myself. Once I did speak up, I realized there were people who would listen to me and give me support. I didn’t have to carry the burden of my past alone and in silence. Instead of dwelling on the past, and allowing it to drown my happiness, I look forward to a future of brighter days filled with joys I hadn’t realized existed until now.”

– Lorna

Assisting more survivors

One thing has been consistent over the last five years: the number of survivors who turn to KCSARC for assistance. The volume of calls spiked in 2018 and kept up at these levels through a pandemic and beyond.
As the world returned to work, school and a degree of normalcy, KCSARC was a dependable hub for services that survivors needed to heal.

KCSARC assisted 22% more survivors and families last year than in 2017.


Board leadership, dedicated to mission

“Our family has, unfortunately, experienced sexual assault. Your donations made it possible for my family to receive the healing and the help that we needed in our darkest moment.”
-Dennis Higgins, Board Member
“Your partnership inspires us, and shows us that you care, and allows KCSARC to do more in the community every day.”
-Angela Bultemeier, Board Vice President

Línea de recursos las 24 horas

4,636 callers last year accessed the information, crisis support and referrals for follow-up services they needed by dialing 1.888.99.VOICE.
Not every Resource Line caller seeks further services. Some only need a reassuring voice to tell them they’re not alone. Others want help understanding whether abuse is happening to them or someone they care for. Our team of advocates is there, always.

In their words: Empowered Voices

Empowered Voices member wearing black tank top and blue crop jeans on green grass and tall paperwhite tree trunks in background
“After connecting with KCSARC, I found the power to use my voice in ways I never would have imagined. I found purpose in making positive change, touching lives with hope and sharing with other survivors they are not alone. I began to see the rippling effect of such efforts from my voice. The power your voice holds is unstoppable. How you choose to use it will have an impact one way or another.”


Empowered Voices member wearing a lace and green top and blue jeans, on grass with lake and mountains in the backgrouns
“Every survivor feels fear and it is hard to explain to them that healing is possible. I know I didn’t think I could move past my traumas of sexual assault and domestic violence. Working with KCSARC showed me it was possible! I learned to get my power back and as soon as I felt that strength, I knew I was healing. KCSARC helped me find my sparkle again!”


Preventing sexual violence

Preventing sexual violence antes de it happens takes a 360-degree effort and the support of the whole community.
In the last year, we learned more about the mental health impacts of the pandemic. It’s clear the post-pandemic era has been particularly difficult on children and young people.

Our prevention work has never been more crucial.

In 2022, we were able to increase our prevention team to three full-time staff, including two mental health practitioners. This team began a pilot program in Renton middle and high schools that addresses new challenges from all fronts.
First, classroom lessons help students re-think norms, narratives and behaviors that contribute to a culture of violence. That learning is supported with parent/caregiver connection — in fact, we’ve made it easier for parents to understand and support what their student is talking about in class with tools like El vínculo con la prevención pódcast.
Next, our prevention partnership in Renton includes placing KCSARC therapists in schools, working alongside other health providers to respond quickly to the needs of students who have experienced abuse, decreasing their risk of future harm.

Prevention & Outreach

We led the community conversation about sexual violence in schools, through trainings and webinars, and via our online channels, webinars and in-person events.
Combined, we equipped more than 52,000 individuals to actively engage in ending sexual violence.

In their words: Empowered Voices

Empowered Voices member in light blue denim shirt and pants sitting at lakeside
“Connecting with KCSARC in childhood forever changed the direction of my life. I found the power to claim my story, the support to pursue justice, and a home to pursue peace. Over 15 years later and KCSARC continues to empower me to speak out loudly and advocate for victims of sexual assault.”


Empowered Voices member wearing a light green v-neck t-shirt sitting on a brown wooden slatted bench, holding a white coffee cup with dark brown cedar shake wall in background.
“After connecting with KCSARC I could finally unburden myself from feeling shame and blaming myself for the abuse I suffered. Through my healing journey with KCSARC I learned to be courageous and find my voice. I learned that there is power in my story and in connection with other survivors.”


Understanding who we serve: our client’s age and gender

El año pasado,

casi la mitad

de los que KCSARC atendió fueron

niños y adolescentes.


*Chart shows percentage

Children/Teens <18

Most survivors seeking help at KCSARC identify as female.

The difficulty in disclosing sexual assault is especially acute for male and trans or non-binary survivors.

Almost 1 in 5

KCSARC clients identified as male, transgender or non-binary in 2022.

Helping thousands to heal and seek justice

Client service by region with King County map in background. Data shows 36% in Seattle, 20% in East/North King county and 44% in South King county

KCSARC apoyó a los sobrevivientes de todas las ciudades del condado de King.

Survivors from South King County and City of Seattle comprise


of our caseload.

Defensa legal

Our legal advocacy team supported and empowered 2,431 survivors to make decisions right for them as they navigated the complex and challenging legal system.

Trauma-Specific Therapy

No survivor should live with the effects of trauma when effective treatment is available.
Last year, 370 children, teens and adults participated in trauma-specific, evidence-based therapy at KCSARC. In 2022, we returned to offering therapy both in-person as well as via telehealth.

Client Advocacy Support

Last year, our team of client care specialists responded to and connected 2,376 survivors and their families to specific services to meet their individual needs.

Servicios Familiares

Parents of 312 children receiving KCSARC services to help them recover from the trauma of sexual assault  learned how to better facilitate their child’s healing.

Serving the whole community

Client Race

Client Ethnicity

Creating healing space for Latinx survivors

Understanding and responding to the unique needs of Latinx sexual assault survivors is an area of specialization and growth at KCSARC.
Survivors and families whose primary language is Spanish, some of whom have migrated to King County from other countries, face specific challenges to healing and justice.
KCSARC’s Dando Voz (Our Voice) program is one of KCSARC’s fastest-growing.
It is staffed by 19 bilingual and bicultural therapists, legal advocates and client care specialists. This dedicated team assists survivors and families navigating a myriad of barriers specific to Latinx survivors, tailoring services and information for cultural relevance.
Along with advocacy and therapy, Dando Voz staff are able to connect clients who need legal representation with local attorneys through a partnership program called Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors)
Dando Voz staff are a welcoming presence for Latinx survivors who believe they are alone in their suffering.
Empowered Voices member wearing royal purple top and black cardigan smiles and looks skyward, leaning against gray stone wall near green fern foliage.
“He aprendido que somos más valientes de lo que creemos y que cada vez que rompo el silencio me siento un poco más fuerte. Que a pesar del trauma aún conservo cosas maravillosas dentro de mí y eso es por lo que vale la pena luchar.”
“I have learned that we are braver than we think and that every time I break the silence I feel a little stronger. That despite the trauma I still have wonderful things inside me and that is what is worth fighting for.”


Dando Voz (dando voz)

531 Spanish-speaking clients accessed culturally relevant therapy, legal advocacy, family education and referrals in 2022.

All photos: Jennifer Richard Photography

2022 Financials


Multi-colored wheel showing percentage of income by source. In green, 33% is state, in yellow, 26% is private funders, in red, 20% is King County, in dark gray, 11 is municipal government, in light blue, 6% is federal, and in purple, 4% is fee for service.Government Grants/Contracts $5,712,891 Private Contributions $2,128,052 Fee for Service $ 330,698 Misc. & Investment $ (8,283) Total Revenue $8,163,358 *Unaudited figures at time of posting. Final audited financials will be updated here.


Wheel depicting percentage of KCSARC expenses 2022. In green, 74% is Program Services. In yellow, 15% is Fundraising and Communications. In red, 11% is Management and General.

Program Services $6,259,752 Management & General $ 932,368 Fundraising & Communications $1,296,290 Total Expense $8,488,410

*Unaudited figures at time of posting. Final audited financials will be updated here.

Thank you to our 2022 donors & partners

Individuals, Corporations and Foundations contributed $2.13 million in 2022.
Our donors represented an important and growing share of our funding story last year. Because of your generosity, survivors and their families could access support the moment they reached out for help, and faced no barriers to service.
Your investment also helped us innovate and grow our prevention education and outreach work in the community. As partners in our work, donors empowered young people with the tools they need to stop sexual violence from happening.

Eva y Ellsworth Alvord
Puente Bobbe y Jon
Paula y Jeffrey Pyatt


pedro y julia rosa


Bill y Janette Adamucci
Frank y Charlene Blethen
Ángela y Eric Bultemeier
Rosanne Esposito-Ross y Louis Ross
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margaret caminante


Deirdre y Fraser Black
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Gaylia y Larry Bullock
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Amy y Patrick Schlight
Marilyn Sherron
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Ana y Greg Adams
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Michael Mohandeson
Rebecca y Johnathon Mohr
Samuel Wineburg y Susan Monas
Marie Monti
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Sally Moore
Tammy Morales
Mahrukh Motafram
Leslie Mullins
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Erika y Eric Nusser
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Laura Olson Townsend
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Fundación de la familia Brettler

$50,000 - $149,999

Fundación Lenore Hanauer
Fundación Familia Neukom

$30,000 - $49,999

Fondo William B. Collins
La Fundación Chisholm
Fundación de la familia Lightlamper
Fundación Medina

$10,000 - $29,999

Aerolíneas de Alaska
Arquidiócesis de Seattle
Fundación Bernier McCaw
Fundación de la familia Sheri y Les Biller
Costco al por mayor
Expedia, Inc.
Primera Fundación Financiera del Noroeste
Hasbro Children’s Fund Wizards of the Coast
Fundación Horizontes
Fundación Byron y Alice Lockwood
Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation
Corporación Microsoft
Moccasin Lake Foundation
La Fundación Norcliffe
NW Children’s Foundation
Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Uber Technologies, Inc.
Vreeland Law PLLC
Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC

$5,000 - $9,999

Fondo comunitario de empleados de Boeing
Carta de construcción
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
entrega express logística, inc.
Deloitte LLP
Finance of America Cares
HKM Abogados Laborales LLP
Julie A. Kays, Attorney
Compañía eléctrica Keithly
Metro del condado de King
Casino indio Muckleshoot
MultiCare Health System
Rushing Co
Schlemlein Fick & Franklin PLLC
Helen Martha Schiff Foundation
Vulcano Inc.
Washington Gastroenterología

Up to $4,999

adobe sistemas, inc.
Allegro Pediatría
Roca Negra
Fundación Ferroviaria BNSF
Catania Family Foundation
CFO Selections
davis polk
Dupar Foundation
Community Emlen
Evergreen Home Loans
Fales Foundation Trust
Friedman Rubin
G & R Quiat Family Foundation
Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates
Fondo Gesher de la Federación Judía del Gran Seattle
Corporación Google.
Howard S. Wright, una compañía de Balfour Beatty
Fundación Intel
JFL Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
libertad mutua
Lowen Family Foundation
Fundación McEachern
Fundación caritativa de McKinstry Co.
Melrose Grill
Nossaman LLP
Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.
Fundación Redes Reales
Fundación de la comunidad regional de Renton
robert mitad internacional inc.
Club Rotario de Renton
Soroptimist International of Auburn
Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC
Contribuciones benéficas de las tribus Tulalip
Umpqua Bank
United States Automobile Association
Vlad Popach Inmobiliaria
Waggener Edstrom
Asociación para la Justicia del Estado de Washington
Fundación Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Windermere Foundation

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Bellevue Fingerprinting Service
Eventos EXP
Frankie & Jo’s
Playfish Media
The Seattle Times


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