Update to our community

03.18.20 | By Mary Ellen Stone

As our daily routines shift to accommodate our new reality, I want to share with you what we’re seeing, hearing, and doing at the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.

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It is possible to stop sexual violence in all forms by working further upstream to change understandings, cultural norms, and ultimately behaviors. The place we see most promise is with young people.

Pyatt Promise powers prevention


The Pyatt Promise fund allows KCSARC to build a more robust, evidence-based prevention strategy that reaches students, their families, educators, and peers — to stop sexual violence from happening.

WordWatching the criminal justice system


Word choices matter as we continue shifting the culture. But when it comes to holding offenders accountable in the criminal justice system, the words and phrases used to describe sexual violence can play an outsized role in determining whether justice is actually delivered.

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Noticias legislativas de WA


As of July 28, 2019, the state of Washington eliminated the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes against children under 16 at the time of the crime, and extended the deadline for victims aged 16 and over to 20 years from commission of the crime.

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Connecting complex systems


King County is uniquely complex, with 39 law enforcement jurisdictions, three courthouses, 28 hospitals, and eight Child Protective Services offices. KCSARC’s Inter-Agencies Liaison helps ensure these large, complex systems responders are trauma-informed and better connected.

Inciting fear no way to end sexual violence

06.22.18 | By DeAnn Yamamoto

Our mission to end sexual violence is greatly impeded when people live in fear of interacting with authorities.

Coping with holiday gatherings after #MeToo


A message to KCSARC supporters

09.13.17 | By Mary Ellen Stone

Seattle Mayor Murray’s resignation again puts sexual assault, and the victims of assault, in the headlines.

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