Words Can Be Powerful

Words Can Be Powerful

Words can be very powerful. I have always defined gratitude as the act of giving thanks for all of the good things in life…in my day-to-day. Recently, I have learned that gratitude is also about being thankful for the trials. It has been in the midst of trials that I have learned what being grateful for the lessons learned in those difficult spaces means. I have noticed that some lessons can only be learned in the valleys…in the dark places. I have not liked being in those places…but as I look back…I am richer and wiser for having traveled there. I would even go so far as to say, I would not have learned those lessons any other way.

I am grateful for dark places…and what it has taught me.

I have also thought that it is better to lead from a place of optimism. And likely it is. But I have noticed that my greatest leadership comes out when I am unsettled with something. When things are calm and quiet, I become passive and less attentive. I am not saying that I am looking for trouble. But I have come to be grateful for the unsettling times as well. These times have energized me to find solutions and to make shifts that change the momentum of the current that brings fresh air into staleness.


I am grateful for disharmony…and what it has taught me.

I have also come to be grateful for criticism. I am not talking about vague feedback or backhanded compliments or passive-aggressive actions that are critical in nature. But I am talking about downright blatant, angry, in-your-face criticism. I have noticed that when someone is downright mad at me; and firmly believes I have done something wrong, I pay attention! At the core of me I want peace. But I want to come by it in an honest way. I don’t want a façade of peace that is really a heap of rubbish covered in red velvet. I want the real thing. And to get there, requires me to look deeply and to really take stock of my words, my thoughts, my actions. And I have come to be grateful for what this process reveals in me. It is really akin to the process of bringing out the brilliance of a diamond. It chips away at the parts of me that need to be polished and in the end…if I ever get there…the jewel will shine.

I am grateful for criticism…and what it has taught me.

I think I am able to learn and dwell in these tough places because I work in the midst of the most brilliant minds and inspiring spirits a person could hope for. I am continually grateful for the advocacy work, the education work, the policy change work, the clinical work, and the bilingual work. Thank you for being the music that allows me to dance.


Great post!

Great post!

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