Survivors of sexual assault need access to affordable health care!

Survivors of sexual assault need access to affordable health care!

In this fight to protect vital services for survivors, lawmakers in Washington stood strong against proposed legislation that would make strip health care away from those who need it most. We want to thank the members of our congressional delegation who continue to take a stand and fight for vital services.

To highlight their continued work, we’ve sent thank you cards to Senator Murray and Maria Cantwell, along with Representatives Jayapal, Smith, DelBene, and Reichert.

These cards are signed by members of the Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence—including KCSARC, API Chaya, Eastside Legal Assistance Program, Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Program, LifeWire, Jewish Family Service, YWCA, and NW Immigrant Rights Project.

We continue to encourage lawmakers to make a bipartisan effort to lower healthcare costs without ending Medicaid, and to ensure that the needs of victims, survivors, and their children are protected in any future Federal budgets and healthcare legislation.

We can continue to provide services to victims of sexual violence and advocate for state and national change because of your support. Donate today.


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