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SAAM 2021



Every April, KCSARC joins the nationwide call to end sexual violence in all forms by participating in Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Sexual violence affects every person in our community and everyone has a role to play in helping to end it, including re-shaping the way we think about behavior online.

As we connect more and more online, we can learn how to practice consent, intervene when we see harmful content or behaviors, and ensure that all online spaces are respectful and safe

Learning more about resources available in your community to support survivors, incorporating practices that foster healthy communications with the young people in your life, and sharing what you know with others are all ways you can support survivors and help end sexual violence.

We have plenty of resources to get you started — check out some new resources and ideas below.


You can start by knowing how KCSARC helps survivors throughout King County - here's a short video that tells our story!





1. Listen to our new podcast: Building Resilience

Building Resilience helps listeners take an active, informed role in ending sexual violence. Each episode focuses on a specific topic under the larger umbrella of sexual assault and includes everyday steps we can take to shift the culture and stop perpetration from happening.

Whether it’s a discussion on parenting tools to raise empathetic, resilient youth, or a conversation with young folks on how to create a safer school environment, listeners will be equipped with what they need to help end sexual violence in our communities.

Click here to visit the podcast's website!  

Current Episodes:

  • Introducing "Building Resilience"
  • Boundaries 101 

Upcoming Epsodes:

  • The Case for Consistency (why structure and routines are important)
  • Communication Styles
  • PRIDE skills (a Parent Ed tool on communicating with younger children)
  • PLAIN talk (a Parent Ed tool on communicating with teens)


Click here to listen to Building Resilience on Spotify! 


2. Become a member of our new BE LOUD Club

KCSARC is launching a new membership program that lets members show solidarity with survivors and stand in community with other supporters to amplify our work against sexual assault. 

Our new BE LOUD Club is a way to get even closer to KCSARC's mission with member-specific information, events and opportunities.

Joining is simple; your annual or monthly recurring gift of any size makes you a member. 


Read more about our new program here and join today


3. Know where to go for help

It's hard to hear someone you care about has been hurt. Your supportive response can make all the difference in their healing. We have a few resources to help you know what to do:

  1. Responding to a disclosure

  2. Parent resources

  3. Know and share resources in your community. KCSARC is here 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to provide help, support and information on our Resource Line. Learn about our additional resources in this blog post


4. Practice prevention in your everyday interactions

KCSARC is fortunate to have dedicated staff doing primary prevention work in schools and throughout the community. Prevention education changes attitudes, norms and behaviors that support a culture of violence into those that help stop sexual assault from happening. You can be part of this culture shift! Check out some short prevention videos like the one below that talks about incorporating consent into our normal, everyday interactions. See our prevention page for more videos and resources on boundaries and healthy conversations.



5. Commit to staying in touch with KCSARC

If you're not already receiving our monthly e-News, sign up for our emails for additional updates about our work, events, alerts on legislation we're following, and more. 

Social distancing doesn't mean social disconnection. Help us spread information this month! Start by following us on your favorite social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated and engaged with us! We'll post educational messages on our feeds throughout the month. Engage with us and share these messages on your own pages to help inform your friends and networks. Use #SAAM2021 and #SAAM to be part of the broader conversation. Tag us @KCSARC so we know when you're talking about this issue - we'd love to be part of it!