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The P.O.P!Tech project took place at KCSARC from 2010 through 2013, and combined youth leadership, peer-to-peer learning, and current research to create opportunities for young people in King County to learn and share information about digital safety and sexual assault prevention.

The group of youth leaders who worked in partnership with KCSARC staff named themselves P.O.P! which stands for the Power of Prevention. The group's mission statement: P.O.P! wants to see diverse on- and off-line communities united around consensual and thriving friendships and relationships, as well as the inclusion and respect of people of all genders and sexual orientations. P.O.P stocked local coffee shops, community centers, and heath clinics with this helpful card. Want a copy? You can download it here.

Note: the P.O.P.! Age of consent card refers to some of Washington State's laws. (RCWs that are important for young people (and all of us) to know. To read about the Washington State Laws shown here, visit KCSARC does not provide legal advice. If you have questions or concerns regarding the law, please contact an attorney or law enforcement professional.

The P.O.P!Tech Project was supported by funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Pride Foundation, The Lucky Seven Foundation, The Norcliffe Foundation, RealNetworks Foundation, Make the Dash Count Foundation, Renton Community Foundation, and the Jeffris Wood Foundation.